Toni Holt Kramer

Merry Christmas

Wishing all my Trumpettes and Trumpsters and friends and family everywhere, a very happy holiday and an exciting 2017. Our new President is coming January 20th and for that there cannot be a better Christmas present.

May your family and all those near and dear to you enjoy the holidays.

With tremendous gratitude,

Toni Holt Kramer
Founder and President
www. Trumpettesusa,com

Thank You Trumpettes

Thank you to my wonderful Trumpettes, Suzi Goldsmith, Janet Levy, Terry Lee Mendozza, Rosa Castillo, Tova Leidesdorf, Ari Rifkin and Enid Rogow for your continued support of our now global Trumpettes USA.

More great things happening as we march on into 2017.

Please continue to share, share and share again.

Toni Holt Kramer
Founder and President

A Message From THK

Dear Trumpettes,

I want to say thank you to all of you for your hard work, contribution and involvement in The Trumpettes USA. We are all thrilled that our candidate Donald J. Trump will soon be inaugurated and on that note, even Time Magazine has named him Person of the Year 2016.

I would also like to say that I am thoroughly thrilled that POTUS Trump is tweeting. I feel he is getting us the news immediately and giving us much needed information in a split second instead of having to plow through all kinds of news media to get the story. So impressed am I that I am going to open a Twitter account myself and you will be hearing from me on a regular basis.

The Trumpettes USA are moving on and after the 1st of the year and through the month of January, we will be asking those of you who feel you have specific interests in issues that matter to our country, such as education, seniors, animal welfare, sex trafficking etc, we will welcome your input.

I am going to appoint Committees of people from all over the world since we are now global who feel they have something to contribute in these areas and other ideas that have not crossed my mind as of yet.

Meanwhile enjoy your holiday season and get ready for a very busy four years ahead. The Trumpettes USA have just begun as you will see come this January. Can’t let the cat out of the bag just yet!

With loving wishes to all of you and your families for a joyous holiday season.

Toni Holt Kramer
Founder and President Trumpettes USA

Trumpettes To Appear On French TV’s QUOTIDIEN

Filming “Sept Nuit”, French 60 Minutes.

“Congratulations to the people of France on their selection of Francois Fallon as their Republican Candidate in the Presidential primary. When the TrumpettesUSA filmed Sept Nuit just after our own election, we were speaking with the film crew from Paris, who acknowledged the Country is leaning more to the Right, and traditional values. Bravo France!!! There will be a great new alliance between our countries…..” – Terry Lee Ebert Mendozza

“Yes, we have been on France’s top news show on Sundays from 7 to 8 twice! And this week we will be appearing on another major show that is in France and ALL over Europe called QUOTIDIEN.” – Toni Holt Kramer

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