Toni Holt Kramer

Susan Arnold

Susan Barber Arnold was born in the West Texas town of San Angelo, Texas. She is a classical pianist, realtor for many years but found her true calling when she met her husband, Dr. L. M. Arnold. They have recently retired after selling their very successful orthodontic practice of which she ran for 25+ years. They love to travel and have had homes on Sunset Key Island, Florida, Houston, Texas and now reside on their country gentleman’s property in Cordillera Ranch in the Texas Hill /Country…appropriately named “Bella Villa su Guadalupe”. Her sister, Jamie Angelich, is a current Trumpette.

She still remembers the pride of having a President like Ronald Reagan. She sees in Donald Trump the same qualities that make her optimistic about the future of this country and will continue to work hard to see his goal of “Make America Great Again” come to fruition. God Bless Donald Trump and God Bless America.

Sylvia Kadlubowski

I was born in north Alabama and grew up in Pensacola, Florida. I received my BA from Auburn University, my MA in Applied Archaeology from the University of South Florida, completed my doctoral coursework in Applied Archaeology, and work as a professional archaeologist in Arizona. I also teach archaeology at the college and work as a Zombie each fall season. My husband (married since 1991) is a two-time Pulitzer finalist in photojournalism and is now pursuing resort and high-end residential photography. We have three kids in college, and our son, Darr, graduates this spring from Cornell University.

Other stuff…I was an alternate for seasons 12 and 13 of the reality show, Survivor; I have completed two Rim-to-Rim hikes across the Grand Canyon in the summer; played five different women in the movie Mississippi Burning; was chosen out of 2,000 applicants as one of 10 Police Officer Recruits for the City of Mesa (at age 49); completed a year-long archaeological survey in the desert by myself; and so on and so on. I also create a massive haunted house every October…our kids have never gone to school on Halloween. People tell me I should write a book.

Lilia Morraz

I am cuban/American I am thankful that my parents came here in 1967 (legal) To me this is my country and I am very proud of it, I am married and have three children and 8 grandchildren.

I have been a Trump supporter since day one, I campaigned for him I attended the inauguration and plan to continue to support the best of the best president.

Jim Keffalas

Graduate of the Pennsylvania State University (B.S. Finance). Since graduation have been in the real estate business as a broker, certified appraiser and property development & management in western Pennsylvania. Jim is a Pennsylvania Statewide GOP committeeman and ran as a committed delegate in support of President Trump during the primary campaign. Married to Karen Keffalas who works in the emergency room of our local hospital. Karen and I have two daughters – Tiffany (23) graduate of Robert Morris University (B.A. Communications) – married to Michael Beamer, graduate of Robert Morris University (B.S. Manufacturing Engineering / M.S. Engineering Applications). Jayme (19) is a sophomore at Palm Beach Atlantic University and works part time on the Island at Vineyard Vine. Last, but not least, our family has two dogs – Pluto (4), and Jack (6).

Our family supports President Trump 100%, and his agenda to MAGA. Finally, we have a President who “gets it”.

Sandra Martindale

Helped father run Night Clubs in Hollywood. Worked for Bob Eubanks at Concert Express helped in the management of Barbara Mandrell & Dolly Parton early on. Danced in Viva Las Vegas and other films. Elvis dated me for 6 years. I have a line of products at Graceland. Worked for Executive Business Management. Married to Wink Martindale for 42 years and have been VP of Wink Martindale Enterprises. Was on the Los Angeles Board of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital for years and raised money for The West Tennessee Cerebral Palsy Center. Created TRUMP Sunglasses before he won.

I am a Trumpette from the day he announced. I am a conservative woman in Hollywood. I LOVE our President! Just never took the time to sign up. I have taken part in interviews with Toni before we won and since. We did two good Good Morning Austraila interviews.

Lisa Skender

I support Donald Trump and his supporters to make America great again, as well as Australia 🙂

Our Mission is to sustain the foundations of our western culture, and respect for our President Donald Trump and American and Australian allies who work together to make a better world we live in. Therefore we will uphold the constitution, and status that America was built on. United we stand with America, England, Australia, Europe.. The terrorists need to be stopped, so our freedoms can prevail. We all want justice served in a save society for all.

Cathryn Hillsley

Cathy worked as a Registered Nurse for many years. In 2011she studied a Bachelor of Behavioural Studies (Psychology) through Open Universities Australia and Swinburne University, which she completed in 2015. She works for the University of New England and Charles Sturt University as a Sessional Academic. She is a mother of 3 wonderful children and grandmother to 9 beautiful grandchildren. She enjoys bushwalking to the lake, knitting and netball.

To support Donald Trump and the Trumpettes. After following the election closely and listening to both sides, she can see that America has the best possible president. She has always admired Donald Trump’s achievements and the way people respect him. Australia has the tendency to follow on from America’s example so she is hoping that Trump can bring more stability and brighter future for the next generations with respect and honesty.

Connie Oliver

I’m a 53 year old woman from Australia with 4 grown up children & 2 step children. My partner and I are love family friends & traveling. I was born in Greece & am proud of my heritage…I work in a family business & love my job.

I love Donald Trump and what he stands for…and want to make the WORLD great again!!!

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