Toni Holt Kramer

Filomena Smith

Im a Portguese American Citizen and Im the wife of Bobby Smith GMI Records International a recording artist…I have many talents including custom design wedding and special event cakes, embroidery, music video actress, belly dancing.

I voted for President Trump because I believe he is trying to make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!! Need I say more?

Tammy Brinkmann

A local Florida Native, who loves our country and 100% supports and roots for our Great, Fearless and Fighter of a President. I am a sales manager for a diagnostic healthcare company and work hard everyday to get people screened for Colon Cancer.

To work along side my President to make this country even Greater. To also ger as many hard working Americans screened for Colon Cancer to save more lives.

Deanna Stepanian

I have been a resident of Palm Beach since the year 2000 and also own property in Greenwich, Ct. I live on PB Island and love when our President is in town. It makes me proud to be his neighbor.

We are blessed to have Donald J. Trump as our President. I am a 100% supporter, the man gets the job done! I wish they would leave him alone so he can move forward without distraction. He certainly is on the right path of successfully “Making America Great Again”.

Tracy Blumenthal

Commercial multi family real estate investor and holder. Management is also done in house at our corporate office in Killeen/Austin fort hood. I supply apartment homes to a lot of our military. We do our own construction in house as well. I’ve been a Trump supporter since day one day one. I believe in everything he’s trying to accomplish. He’s a blessing for this nation. Will support him in anyway I can.

We build safe, welcoming, updated housing/communities for the military and our citizens. Urban living luxe believes in building communities, we can all be proud of. I especially believe in giving women the support, jobs, leading roles in my company. However, we are an equal opportunity company! As per my political stance, it’s always been republican. Regan was regarded as the best president of my time until our current president Donald Trump. Which I personally believe Trump’s success is even more important due to the state our nation was in. I will support my party and our president any way possible! 100% maga!

Brenda Diuro

Worked as a VP of HR & Adm for a start up company owned by John Kluge. Retired in 2003 at 48 years old. Moved to Southampton,NY for several years while coming to Florida in season. Now FT in Fl. Love to play golf. Have 5 grandkids (3 in Fl). Was chairman of PGA Board of Governors. Did fundraising for Scripps. Now fundraiser for Cancer Alliance.

Keep economy, jobs, and conservative values on track! Trump & Melania 2020

Donna Robinson

I’m a retired Art teacher by profession, and a widow of six years. My husband was Daniel Chase Robinson, a physicist at Aerospace Corp., a think tank comparable to Rand Corp., a non-profit “think tank” which did much work with the Pentagon.

I’ve been President of National Arts Association, a present member and Board Member of The League for Children, a present member and Board Member of Freedom Foundation, was a member of The Beverly Hills Women’s Club, and currently a member of The Marina del Rey Women’s Club and Santa Women’s Club.

My husband and I traveled all over the world extensively. I now live with my two darling yorkie furbabies.

I’ve been a supporter and contributor to President Trump, as soon as I heard he was running. I and my husband have belonged to the Republican party forever. I supported President Trump because I knew our country desperately needed a change. I continue to support President Trump both in contributions and support in any way. I live in California and am so sorry to see this beautiful state ruined by the Dems. I’m originally from Chicago and came to California after I graduated from college. Unfortunately it is not the same state to which I came many years ago. I would like to become a Trumpette, because I want to do all I can to support him, have him reelected in 2020 and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

I would like to send a picture on my phone or pad, but my photos have been too large to send. I hope you can receive the photo attachment. I think I’ll send it in another email too you right now, so I don’t lose what I’ve written.

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