Toni Holt Kramer

Charlene Bartlett

A FL resident since last summer. Have been a republican forever.
Have attended Club45 meetings and held signs at PGA & Military rds.
Have been a Park & Recreation Board member & Library Board Member in IL.

I believe in being a strong conservative, teaching my children the same & keeping America strong and safe..

Penny Miller

Briefly, I am a CEO/Business Owner for over 30 years, of an Insurance & Financial Planning Company and a Media Company for 20 years. I am a founder/publisher of magazines.
A writer/author of 5 books, which are in the phases of now being published/printed for public access. I am a Commissioner of the Governor (FL), an Appointed by the Governor and Senate Confirmed position for 20 years (Bush, Crist, Scott, DeSantis). I am a single mother of 4–I raised 4 very great and successful children alone, but not alone-God’s greatest gift to me. I am a servant and vessel of and for Jehovah God, our Maker and Father, my greatest honor and blessing. I do know and believe, without a doubt, that He placed our now President, Donald Trump, into the Prophetic Place he is now serving in. As President of our Country and the USA.

My Mission Statement has always been and stayed the same:
To Love God, Family, & My Country.
To Serve and Never Be Self-Serving.
To Help Those Less Fortunate. To Be Kind To All. To Love Unconditionally.
I am only blessed when a blessing.

Peggy Senica

Born, raised and lived all of my life in Chicago, Illinois but my husband and I recently purchased second home in Palm Beach County .Recently retired after 30+ years working in administration at one of the top global law firms in the world. Proud maltese lover and owner and devoted wife to corporate attorney.

Unlike many, I got on board the Trump train on Day One. Passionate and devoted supporter of both Melania Trump and Donald Trump, who I consider to be the finest , hardest working and most astute President of my lifetime.

Bertha Matics

Have lived in PBC for most of my life. Former Nurse,presently a Realtor for 26 years. Helped with the election of Trump in 2016. Was one of the Volunteer Coordinators at the PGA office. Want to continue helping with the 2020 election in the north county if possible.

Need I say… To get President Trump re elected. No Biden,or Bernie or God Forbid Elizabeth Warren.

Meg Harris

RN from California who loves our President!
Proudly talk about him to everyone I know and meet. Attended the 2007 Inauguration with sister in law. 65 years young with lots of energy. Leader RN at SharpHealthcare in San Diego.
Mother of 3 grown daughters . Very independent and fun. Christian values.

To continue to support Donald J. Trumps presidency !

Ruthie Lyras

Ive had a 40 year career with United Airlines plus 10 years in residential real estate in the Los Angeles area. I lived in New York City for 10 years in the late 70’s early 80’s and of course shopped at Trump Tower often. Now retired, I live in northern California and enjoy spending time with my daughter and family and three beautiful grand sons.

From Day One I knew Donald Trump would be a fantastic President. We needed him so badly. Our Country was in deep trouble. He’s passionate about America. That’s evident every single day. Thank you POTUS for draining the swamp. It’s just awful…so much corruption in the Deep State. Just know we are behind you 100%. Please take care of yourself.

Stephenie Cratz

I appreciate everything life offers and it is constantly offering the very best to everyone who seeks the very best. The secret is you have to be open to receiving and believe in your self worth. Every morning I eagerly await to see how the day will unfold. All we have is this moment in time, meaning living in the ”now”. It comes down to a simple decision, in this moment do I chose grace, abundance and love or do I chose something that does not bring me joy. I chose joy, every day and joy in every moment.


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