Toni Holt Kramer

Turning Point USA

Dear Trumpettes and Trumpsters

After a fabulously successful 2nd Annual Turning Point USA Winter Gala at Mar a Lago featuring Jerry Falwell Jr, Senator Rand Paul, Mark Levin, Donald Trump Jr and Kimberly Guilfoyle, a packed weekend of notable Republicans descended on The Convention Center in West Palm Beach for a four day convention. It was fun to catch up with so many of the group who had spoken at Mar a Lago. Not only was the President there, looking as fit and strong as ever, along with First Lady Melania Trump, I got to chat with some of my favorites, such as Laura Ingraham, Charlie Kirk, Donald Trump Jr, and his significant other Kimberly Guilfoyle, who looked utterly smashing in a most exquisite white pant suit. Also, Chief of Staff for Rand Paul, Sergio Gos, and Eric and Lara Trump were also there, as was the great communicator Rip McInstosh.

Our group was a table filled with original Trumpettes and Trumpsters. Dinner was topped off in the disco downstairs where you may recognize former Mayor and attorney Rudy Giuliani, who was swinging in step, along with Sher Kasun, Erika Rizzuto and Lee Rizzuto Jr., along with Denise Rizzuto and Shirley Wyner.

I wish you all, and especially our President Donald J. Trump, the leader of the Free World, and First Lady, a very Merry Christmas.


Toni Holt Kramer
Founder and President

Jason Roberge

Jason Roberge is a Congressional candidate for Virginias 7th District. He is a former U.S. Coast Guard vet., small business owner and law school graduate. His honorable service in the military was marked by awards and letters of recognition.

The State Supreme Court has recognized Jason for his pro bono legal work. Jason has worked tirelessly to advocate for Constitutional rights including free speech and 2nd Amendment rights. Additionally, he has judged a world wide international law competition. Further, he was editor of an Obamacare brief for the Supreme Court, which ultimately persuaded the court to eliminate the individual mandate for employers.

Jason is considered a civil rights activist in promoting constitutional rights and conservative values in the United States. Given the attacks on the rights of all Americans, Jason is running for the VA-7 congressional seat in 2020, to preserve and defend our rights.

Seeking to re-elect President Trump in 2020 in order to ensure 4 more years of economic growth!

Stephanie Bowlick

I moved to PBG a year ago. I absolutely love this area! I am newly divorced and 54 years old. I was once a middle school teacher, but now I work with dogs everyday!
I have been a fan of TRUMP since the 90’s. I have always followed his life and could not believe it when he ran for POTUS – so great – I was on board from day 1.

I hope to make connections with women that are of like mind to me.

Mary Duffy

Owned 1st Model.Agency for Plus and Petite Models; Mt. Holyoke Grad; Professional Public Speaker; Appeared on more than 800 TV shows; Published 5 books- fashion and short stories; Had Adorable Deplorables on FB in 2016.Today, run political Pro-Trump Mouth on FB Page Mary P. Duffy. Live in NYC- married to Liberal don’t ask- with ShihTzu.

To see President Trump re- elected, respected, and to see this Neo- Socialism nonsense go away. Also not to be missed are:
-New immigrants who think We should change to accommodate them,
-Anti semites,
-America haters,
-Those who think we can change history by taking down statues,
-National Anthem Haters;
-More Illegal Immigrants, Kindly, deal with those already here.

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