Toni Holt Kramer

William Cooley (Trumpster)

Former Mayor of Minnetonka, Minnesota
Former Deputy Mayor of Minneapolis, Minnesota
Treasurer of Mayors for Nixon in 1968
Placed 20 bill boards around the state for Trump/Pence in 2016 ($100,000)
Five years on Palm Beach Landmarks Preservation Commission, one year as Chair.
Three years on Palm Beach Strategic Planning Board
Retired real estate developer

To see President Trump reelected in 2020.

Grace Stowers

I am 16 years old and proud to be a Trump supporter. I go to Huntington High School in West Virginia. Currently I am in Young Republicans and want to be a voice for other young women who support Trump. I have been bullied over the fact that I support him, and have been told, “How could you support such a misogynist? Why aren’t you proud to be a woman?”

I understand that I cannot vote yet, but that doesn’t mean I can’t show my support for our amazing president. I want to become a voice for other young girls to show them that it’s okay to support Donald Trump. I want everyone to be proud of who they support and I’ve noticed that in High School, a lot of my friends have trouble admitting that they support them. I had one friend whisper that she was a republican and that she was a supporter of the president, but she had to whisper in fear of what others would think. I am a loud and proud supporter and I want to teach other girls to be this too.

Vickie Froehlich

I am a long time Republican who is thrilled to have Donald J. Trump as our President. We farm in MN and have homeschooled our 5 children. We have 9 grandchildren. I am very concerned about our country and I share many Christian and Conservative things on Facebook. I often have people quietly say to me “I love the things you share on Facebook!” I was a delegate to the 2016 Republican National Convention and was happy to vote for Donald Trump to be our nominee. We went to Iowa 12 times during their caucus and was happy to meet Mr. Trump a few times. I love taking photographs and was happy to get his autograph. One of my treasured items is a book signed to me at Newton Iowa during a commercial of a TV show being taped.

I believe in God, Jesus Christ, our Constitution, the American dream of freedom. I believe God is in control but I think He expects us to do everything in our power for as long as we can.

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