Toni Holt Kramer

Shannon Phelps

I am the grandchild of a World War II Veteran. Some of my most cherished childhood memories were hearing my Papa tell me his war stories. Many have sacrificed much for us to be free. I believe in President Trump and what he stands for and I am proud to be an American!

Jackie Guthrie

I love our president I pray for him everyday and I want to help in anyway I can to get him
Reelected ! Please let me know what I can do?i do support him financially as well with

Nina Keegan

Nina Keegan is a Christian writer, television personality and ordained minister who has many years of experience serving The Lord through a broad spectrum of ministry projects. Nina is pro America and has been in invited to pray at the White House several times and has been in Leadership in faith conferences with our President. When Lord led Nina to begin writing a devotional blog,, the readership grew to exponentially to over a million people. Her devotionals are currently featured by the Christian Broadcasting Network worldwide.
Nina preaches the gospel across the United States and in several foreign countries. Her Facebook page, Nina Keegan Ministries, has tens of thousands of active followers and over a million monthly interactions. The page is very active with prayer and discipleship.

Nina also served as the social media director for a large worldwide ministry bringing the Word of God to Middle Eastern countries. She was responsible for Christian content that reached tens of millions of people. Her devotionals were translated into languages such as Farsi, Arabic, Turkish and Urdu.

Nina is the co-host of the Christian talk show “Grace Grace with
Nina and Michelle” along with Michelle Humphreys. The name,
Grace Grace, was inspired by Zechariah 4:7 “thou shall become a
plain; and he shall bring forth the top stone with shouts of GRACE,
GRACE unto it.” Together, Nina and Michelle collaborate and trust
The Holy Spirit with the content and direction of the messages. The messages are featured in both television and radio formats and are syndicated throughout the United States and several African countries.

Nina is the co-chair of an annual fund raising event hosted at President Donald Trump’s Mar A Lago Palm Beach estate. This year, the event, which benefits CBN’s Orphan’s Promise, raised nearly 2 million dollars. Independent of this event, Nina and Michelle, through their fundraising efforts, financed the construction of two Christian orphanage schools in Burkina Faso. These orphanages save children from rampant human trafficking and offer a Christian upbringing amid extreme poverty and instability.

Nina is also an accomplished interior designer. She has designed and led many of the Houston area’s most custom and demanding interior projects. She holds a bachelors degree from Illinois.

Debbie Martin

Patriot, love our country and love our President. Married to my high school sweetheart, proud mom and grandmother of 5. Gift shop owner fir 30 years in our hometown Columbus, Ga. Retired and spending time at our vacation home in Cashiers, NC. Enjoying the blue ridge mountains.

Love God, family and Country

Ashley Lockard

I am a Southern Mama of 2 teen girls trying to raise responsible, independent ladies! I am a Republican through and through! A country without law, order, and responsibility is my biggest fear! We gotta keep President Trump in office for 4 more years!

Republican in my soul! Gotta teach all these hard headed youngins to respect history and the land they are blessed live in!

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