Toni Holt Kramer

Linda Patrick Mcilwain

My personal mission is to ensure every individual rich or poor has affordable permanent housing which includes renewable electricity/energy, renewable natural gas, and reverse osmosis water systems installed at home and/or natural spring water from their local springs in recyclable/reusable glass bottles eliminating all plastic water bottles, access to affordable organic fruits and vegetables and/or nutrient rich land or raised bed gardens to grow their own organic fruits and vegetables, clean air to breathe, affordable hybrid electric vehicles, access to primary basic education and college education, access to affordable health care, the freedom to practice their religion of choice, the right to vote in every country, affordable recyclable electronics such as desktop computers, laptop computers, cell phones, iPads, notebooks, tablets, affordable fiber optic internet service and affordable recyclable smart televisions, affordable recyclable stereos, access to public libraries, affordable travel/vacation options, access to museums, affordable 100% vegan nutrition/diet eliminating the killing of all animals for human consumption, affordable clothing made from 100% organic local cotton and/or local hemp and/or local bamboo for sustainable living thereby eliminating all imported leather goods made from the unnecessary of killing of animals, affordable house furnishings
made from local materials which include ergonomic beds, ergonomic computer desks, ergonomic sofas and chairs, energy efficient appliances, access to affordable family owned local retailers to eliminate wasteful transportation of imported goods, etc.

Darlene Pieratti

I was born and raised in New York, Putnam County until I was 29. I decided to check out Colorado for a summer but that was decades ago. My husband and I are now retired and have settled down in our newly built customer dream home in Parker, Colorado. My husband is a retired Petroleum Engineer and I spent the last 30 years working in various industries as an Executive Assistant. I have a BA in Sociology and a Masters degree in Organization Management.

As a conservative and a strong faith in God, I am wanting to help my community. I love our great Country and want to assist in anyway I can to see the values close to my heart continue.

Athena Alexander

My name is Athena Alexander. I’ve lived here in Florida for over 25 years and have been a fierce Trump supporter. I’m a social media marketer and have been promoting Trump and republicans for years on various accounts. I spent a lot of time focusing on “red-pilling” leftists to wake up to their marxist programming and understand that supporting Trump is supporting saving America from a communist takeover. I’ve since been censored and many of my patriot friends with large followings have been purged off of social media. I have since migrated to Telegram to continue sharing content without censorship and continue to fight for freedom of information and free speech.

My mission is to help save America and it’s my belief that Trump is our strongest leader to do it but he needs all of our help.

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