Born in Boston to parents of Hungarian descent, I am proud to call the USA my home. Raised in both my rich American and Hungarian heritages, I lived in Boston, then Budapest for a decade each, as a student in the parallel Hungarian and American education systems, which have taught me the importance of traditions and family values. If I think about these experiences, it seems to be no coincidence that I support Republican and conservative values. In the same way as the United States, the Hungarian nation has a long history of staunchly fighting for its independence and liberties, shown by our Revolutions of 1848 (against Habsburg imperialism) and 1956 (against Soviet communism).
When I travel to Hungary, I often receive questions stereotypical for the US abroad, such as “Does everyone drive a Chevrolet in your neighborhood?”or “Is the main vacation destination for Americans Hawaii/California?”, but also ones like “How often do you recite the Pledge of Allegiance in school?” or “Does every home have an American flag hanging from their window?” Although some of the questions may seem silly or trivial for native Americans, it shows how the USA serves as a beacon of success and prosperity, liberty, but most of all, PATRIOTISM for other nations.

I will be a first-time voter in 2024 and it won’t be a question that I will (hopefully have the chance to) vote for our President Donald J. Trump’s second term to bring back an American Golden Age. In the meantime, I want to take every chance to support our cause and build an America which rightfully serves as the role model for every freedom-loving country. I know that many people, not only from Hungary, can relate to this: I want to build a country where the threat of fascist antisemitism is not reignited by the Radical Left, where free enterprise is not hindered by overreaching socialist policies resembling bygone Communist regimes and where flourishing family life can be guaranteed through pro-life policies.

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