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Sean Bianca “GOPGIRL”

Today marks the largest mass shooting in the history of America. Early this morning an armed gunman opened fire in a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. The attack lasted around three hours, and the killer was shot dead by police. Fifty people are dead, fifty plus more are injured. Some are in critical condition, and their fate is unknown. The killer placed a call to 911 just prior to the attack and during the attack, pledging his allegiance to the Islamic State. The killer, Omar Mateen, was American born to parents from Afghanistan. Interestingly enough, the killer’s father, Seddique Mateen, a radical Muslim himself, appears to have retained his Afghan citizenship leading one to wonder if Omar Mateen could  have been an anchor baby. Seddique Mateen is currently running for the presidency of Afghanistan, and has his own TV show in Afghanistan where he shows his support for the Taliban. The killer was also of the radical Islamic faith. Those who are of the radical Islamic faith hate Americans, hate Jews , hate infidels, and they hate gay people.  Gay men are killed on a regular basis in the Mid East. They are thrown from buildings, and hung from cranes.  Omar Mateen was 29 years old, a man of the radical Islamic faith, he was a man that pledged his allegiance to ISIS. He was a man that did what those of the radical Islamic faith do. They kill for their religion. They kill for Allah. For his Jihadist motives Omar Matten killed fifty people, shouting the name, “Allah Akbar”! Sadly this senseless attack could have been stopped, but was not.

Three days ago as reported by a pro ISIS group released a statement declaring their plan to attack Florida. The pro ISIS group released a “hit list” with over 8000 names of mostly Americans. In ISIS spokesman Abu Muhammad al-Adnani’s most recent speech, al-Adnani called upon “soldiers and supporters of the Caliphate in Europe and America” to attack civilians, “spread the terror,” and “open the door of Jihad” in their homes during the holy Muslim month of Ramadan. Over 600 persons on the hit list are said to reside in Florida, many of them in Palm Beach County and throughout the Treasure Coast. Apparently the “United Cyber Caliphate”hacked U.S. Central Command, 54,000 Twitter accounts, and threatened President Barrack Obama. The “kill list” contains names, addresses, and emails of thousands of American civilians. While some would think the “kill list” would contain persons of some sort of stature, it doesn’t. The list is a list of average every day Americans, every day Americans without the capacity to protect themselves, as stated by former FBI agent turned lawyer, Stuart Kaplan.

The blood of every person killed in this morning’s attack is on President Obama’s hands. This President has repeatedly refused to call out radical Islam for what it is. What it is, is a religion that wants to kill us. It wants to destroy us. In our President’s desire for America to be loving, and one with the rest of the world, he is responsible for the deaths of the persons killed in this latest attack. Our government was warned of the Islamic State’s intent to kill in the state of Florida, and our government did nothing. In 2013 the FBI contacted the killer, Omar Mateen, twice after his making inflammatory remarks to co-workers which were unsubstantiated. Again in 2014, Mateen was interviewed by the FBI. This time was due to his possible connection to another Florida man, Moner Mohammad Abu Salha, also known as the first American suicide bomber in Syria. On May 25 Abdu Salha drove a massive truck bomb through a restaurant in Jabal Al-Arba-een which was filled with Syrian soldiers.After conducting the interview with Mateen on his ties with Abdu Salha, the FBI concluded there to be a minimal connection between the two. Three times the FBI interviewed Mateen and yet, Mateen was able to obtain a concealed weapon permit, and was employed as a security guard. In knowing this, Americans should be concerned, really concerned!

Hours after the attack in Orlando, our President called the attack an act of terrorism, however refused to call the attack an attack due to “radical Islamic terrorism. He instead stated how the shooting was a “reminder” on how easy it is to get one’s hands on a gun. The President stupidly stated that the FBI had not reached a judgement on the “precise motivations of the killer”. Newsflash Mr. President, the FBI had already released a statement that the attack was a Jihadist attack, and that the attacker was a radical Muslim! How can our President possibly refuse to utter the words “radical Muslim terrorism” ? The killer dialed 911, and said the Jihadist attack was in the name of Allah! How this President can refuse to call out “radical Islam” for the cause behind the deadliest shooting in American history is a mystery. The President again and again has stated that we are “winning” the war on terrorism. We are not. We are losing the war, because we have a President that refuses to name the enemy, and refuses to declare war on the enemy, and refuses to all out defeat the enemy.

We are being defeated by ISIS and other radical Islamist groups, Mr. President, and you are aiding them in doing nothing. Today the President even went so far as to help other radical Muslims in their Jihad against Americans and others. In the President’s desire for more “gun control”, the President gave future terrorists tips on soft targets. “This massacre is therefore a further reminder of how easy it is for someone to get their hands on a weapon that lets them shoot people in a school, or in a house of worship, or in a movie theater or in a nightclub.”- President Obama Thank you Mr. President for now telling our radical Muslim friends how to kill more of us. Only a complete imbecile or radical Muslim himself would do such a thing. Today was NOT about “gun control”. Today was about “radical Islam”, and gun control would not have stopped it. The truth of the matter is, if just one of the attendees at the nightclub in Orlando had had a gun, they could have shot the killer while he was reloading his weapon and saved numerous lives.

The blood of those who perished is on our President and his administration’s hands. Our government is not doing everything and anything to protect us against the wrath of radical Islam. They are doing little. We have a President that refuses to name our enemy, and if you can’t name it, and say it, you sure as heck can’t defeat it! The killer in the Orlando attack was interviewed three times by the FBI. The killer’s father was of the radical Islamic faith as well as the killer himself. The killer’s father was a strong supporter of the Taliban, another radical Islamist group. Three days prior to the attack the FBI knew of a “hit list” as released by the Islamic State. This attack should never have taken place, but it occurred because we have a President that refuses to protect us. We have a President that instead wishes to take away the guns of Americans. The people who kill are bad people, and they will kill whether they are legally able to obtain guns or not. People can easily obtain guns on the “black market”. Guns are not the reason for today’s shooting. Radical Islam is the reason for today’s shooting. We need a president that will be pro active and do everything in his power to protect us, beginning with the banning of any more Muslims into our country. We must ban Muslims from coming into our country until we can fine tooth comb every one of them to determine if they are coming to America for a better way of life or if they are coming to take American lives. Our current President wants to allow thousands of Syrian immigrants into our country, even with the knowledge that 10-17% will be from ISIS. Our President is continuing to release Islamic terrorists from Guantanamo who only return to the Mid-East to again commit acts of terrorism. If Hillary Clinton is elected, she has claimed that she will allow 1.5 billion Muslims into the U.S. There are only 1.6 billion Muslims in the entire world. In 2015 the United States had a total of 2.75 million Muslims. It is predicted that by the year 2050 the U.S. Muslim population will double. The U.S. already has more than enough Muslims in residence to terrorize and kill us. We can not take anymore! The presumptive Republican, presidential nominee, Donald Trump, was highly criticized for stating that the U.S. could not allow any more Muslims  until we could find out what was what. Donald Trump was right. With the deadliest mass shooting in American history taking place due to “radical Islam”, we need a leader that cares more about being right than being “politically correct”. America needs Donald Trump!

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