Toni Holt Kramer

Mary Singleton

Met Mitch McConnell when he started running in 1982. I was 1st Vice President of KY Fed Of Rep Women at that time. I have worked Rep politics since this time anid never stopped. Mitch is a Dear Friend of ours. I had the great honor to be chosen as one of eight Electoral Votes for KY for Donald Trump in 2016. I was the only female if the eight. This photo is of Senator My tech McConnell and was taken Jan. 2020 in Louisville.

Elect Republicans that will end abortion!!!

Inga Bateman

Currently Real Estate Broker Associate, former Flight attendant and Airline Spokesperson, former TV and Radio host, producer, writer. Current Mom and grandmother.
Passionate Trump supporter and Rabid Republican.
Born and raised in Charleston, SC. Been a Floridian since 1982 when I moved to Palm Beach to host TV show PM Magazine. Fell in love with politics in SC and actually did polling with Lee Atwater after meeting him at Newberry and later when he worked for Storm Thurmond

Would love an opportunity to help get our great President Trump RE-elected.

Patricia Brown

I’m a Director of Marketing for Gamer Financial Services. Prior to my current position, I was Director of Human Resources for St. Andrews Country Club! I have always loved and admired our fabulous President from the very time I ever saw him and learned about him. I have read his books and quite honestly, there is no one like Donald! He is brilliant!

To make sure our President is re-elected! #Trumplandslide2020

Michele Brown

I am from NYC. Had a career in fashion and lived/worked in Istanbul for many years also did business and traveled throughout Asia. Went on to being a VP for a fragrance company in NYC traveling throughout the US and trade shows in Frankfurt & Paris. The company went out of business so off to Florida where I reside and spend lots of time in NYC.

Making sure Donald J. Trump gets re-elected.

Karen Goldfarb

I’m living in Broward County and have been in direct marketing for many years. I’m a Jewish Conservative women who supports our President.

Live your life and dont allow others to interfere with your decisions. Be proud and tell the truth. Listen to your heart.

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