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Collusion Fails, And Trump Prevails!-Sean Bianca

April 25th, otherwise known as “Super Tuesday”, was a “Super Tuesday” indeed. That is if you were Donald Trump, or any one of his thousands of supporters. Despite the shenanigans of Senator Ted Cruz, and Governor John Kasich, Donald J. Trump proved to be a smashing success in completing a clean sweep in taking all five states in yesterday’s Primary, proving himself to be the chosen candidate for the Republican party. 
      Not only did Donald J, Trump win yesterday, but he won big. Trump received over fifty percent of the votes in all five states. In Delaware and Rhode Island Trump received over 60% of the votes, and in Connecticut, Maryland. and Pennsylvania Trump was over 50%, showing Trump to be not just the winner, but the “clear” winner. Lies weren’t told, trickery wasn’t present, and dirty politicking was un-needed in yesterday’s Primary. Trump won fair and square. Trump won on his own merit and with the valid voting of the people.
       Cruz and Kasich on the other hand lost, and they lost big. Kasich having absolutely no chance at the nomination appeared to climb in popularity above Ted Cruz. Cruz who has been regularly placing second in the primaries seemed to have done himself in with Monday’s announcement of his teaming up with John Kasich to defeat Donald Trump. Ted Cruz placed third behind Kasich in four of the five states in yesterday’s Primary. Thanks to Pennsylvania, Cruz managed to place second in front of Kasich. All in all “Super Tuesday” was a super flop for both the Senator and the Governor.
      Having won all five states convincingly in yesterday’s Primary, and being at 964 delegates, Donald Trump should most certainly be on his way to receiving the nomination as the Republican Presidential nominee. While the outcome of Trump as the nominee seems eminent, Trump’s opponents seem to be in denial. Yesterday’s Primary put Ted Cruz in third, in four of five of the states, and yet this man still thinks he has a chance at the nomination? It’s utter insanity! The man came in third, out of three candidates. For the love of God someone please tell Cruz coming in third means that he came in last. That’s last place! Not only did Cruz flop in yesterday’s primary, but he has no mathematical legitimate way of coming close to the magic number of 1237 delegates, and Kasich is not even close with his minuscule number of 153 delegates. The bottom line is both Cruz and Kasich are done, yet they seem to be having a difficult time in accepting their having lost the 2016 election.
     Trump prevailed in yesterday’s “Super Tuesday”, and his opponents should accept their defeat. Trump need not be bothered with the remaining trivial political sideshows of dealing with Cruz and Kasich when there is much work to be done. Much work indeed, such as the developing of an anti-Hillary campaign. At this stage of the game, I believe Trump should be allowed to begin his fight against Hillary. Instead Trump is still having to deal with the likes of Ted Cruz and John Kasich. Today Ted Cruz announced his running mate would be Carly Fiorina. If Ted’s announcement of a running mate for Vice-President isn’t complete madness, I don’t know what is. For that reason alone Ted Cruz should be finished in politics. The man comes in dead last and the following day he announces his running mate for vice-President? Why the man is deranged!
    The fact is Ted Cruz’s alliance with John Kasich failed, and trump prevailed! Yesterday’s five state sweep was a victory. It was also a message that America is angry. Americans are angry at its politicians, frustrated with big government, and over being played for fools by the GOP, and or the establishment. Americans have spoken, and their voices need be heard, and respected by the losing candidates and the establishment alike. Registered Republicans voted in yesterday’s election, they voted for Trump. The majority did not vote for John Kasich nor did they vote for Ted Cruz, they voted for Trump, proving that dishonestly and trickery have little value in today’s election. The collusion failed, and thankfully Donald J. Trump prevailed!
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRLBLOG 2016

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