Toni Holt Kramer

Filomena Catherine Geany

I was born & raised in Boston, to an Irish US Marine father & a Sicilian mother. Both my parents Roman Catholics and raised their 5 children with Respect, Honor and love. My parents changed over from Democrat to Republican when President Reagan ran for office. They never went back to being a democrat. My dad is deceased, but if he was alive today he would have voted for President Trump. My mom is 96 years old loves & she proudly voted for President Trump! I moved down to DC 5 years ago and I work for the FAA. I’ve Campaign for our President on the hostile streets of DC after work and on weekends. When I would go home to Boston to visit family, I would join my twin brother campaigning for our Great President in the streets of Boston, and on the bridges. Till this day I’ve never stopped campaigning for our Great President. I support him though out the FAA and DOT and other federal buildings. I am Honored to join the Trumpettes. Thank you!

God Bless our Great President Trump and God Bless America!

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