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Fred Ascari (Trumpster)

Fred AscariFred Ascari is a UCLA graduate tenured with three decades in the legal arena as a respected trial attorney making a difference in the lives of entertainment industry members, professional athletes, business professionals and clients from all walks of life.

A staunch supporter of Mr. Trump since meeting him in Las Vegas thirty years ago, and a Ronald Reagan campaigning Republican since ‘80, Fred’s steadfast support of conservative causes and allegiance to Mr. Trump’s bid for the White House is supported by his fervent belief that candidate Trump presents an unrivaled love of country, backed by an unrelenting pledge to Make America Great Again!

Fred’s goal is to do everything within his power so that Mr. Trump’s presidency is realized and the government of the United States is reverted to founding-father intent.

Fred is an avid traveler, enjoys classic movies, fashion and cigars. He resides in Newport Beach, CA and previously lived in Palm Beach during the entirety of Mr. Trump’s campaign.

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