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My name is Sean Bianca and I am one of the millions of “deplorables” that supports the Republican Presidential Nominee, Donald J. Trump. I am also a Republican. I suppose you could say I’ve been a republican since birth. Coming from a family of conservatives, I followed suit. I also had a strong affinity for elephants and debonair men sporting a suit and tie. When former President Richard Nixon resigned from office, I was devastated. I was about seven years old at the time and I felt inclined to write a letter to the president expressing my condolences. While most seven year olds were playing with dolls, I was talking politics. As a young woman, I got politically active as a volunteer for G.W. Bush and Jeb Bush. Later on, I campaigned for John McCain and Mitt Romney. While campaigning for each candidate, I did what I did for my love of my country. I believed in each and every man I supported. I believed in them and respected them. Today I regret every hour I spent on most of those men. Never have I been so disappointed in men I once respected and looked up to, as I do at present. The men I once had faith in to lead my country, I now find vile, disgusting, and anti-patriotic.

    With the exception of Senator John McCain as he has vowed to support Donald J. Trump, I despise every establishment Republican male and female not supporting Donald Trump, whom I once supported and whom I once respected. I especially despise former Presidents George W. Bush, and H.W. Bush, former Governor Mitt Romney, and former Governor Jeb Bush. I despise these men as it is clear that these men do not love their country. You can not tell me you love this country and not vote for the man that clearly loves his country and will do his best for his country. Whether the Republicans like it or not, Donald Trump won the nomination fair and square. He had the most votes in the history of the Republican party, 13.4 million to be exact. It is high time each and every Republican in the party step up to the plate and support the Republican Presidential Nominee, Donald J. Trump!

     It has been said that Senator Ted Cruz and Governor John Kasich are colluding against Donald Trump. That’s nice. I believe they took an oath that they would support the Republican Presidential Nominee, whomever it happened to be. They took an oath and they lied. Perhaps that is why they would prefer Hillary as the next president, as she lies as well. Not one Republican opposing Donald Trump can tell America that they love this country if they insist on sabotaging Donald Trump. Too, too much is at risk! The loss of our Supreme Court to a liberal majority is at risk with an incoming Democrat as president. The loss of our 2nd amendment rights is at risk, as it is a known fact that Hillary Clinton is against guns. Our safety is at risk, in that Hillary Clinton has vowed to allow 550% more UNVETTED Syrian refugees into our country than Obama. Obama just this year, allowed 10,000, some say it is more. With the allowance of Syrian refugees, it is guaranteed that 9/11 will take place again ten fold. Not only will homegrown terrorism take place more than ever, but our constitution will be threatened as well. With a large Muslim population in America, it is imminent that Sharia Law will replace our constitution. Sharia law already has replaced our constitution in one city in Minnesota. Not only will we be attacked from within, but with a depleted military, we will be vulnerable to outside attacks as well. If our safety isn’t a concern, perhaps the thought of too high taxes will worry some. Hillary has vowed to not only raise taxes on the rich, but she will raise taxes on the poor and the middle class as well. Under a Hillary presidency, the middle class will be no more. Essentially, America will be destroyed if Hillary Clinton becomes president. Unfortunately, a group of no good, bitter, worthless Republicans don’t seem to care.

While Donald J. Trump is taking the country by storm, and has come up in the polls, the opposing establishment Republicans remain his Achilles heel. It is my hope that they soon change their minds. Let it be said that if Donald Trump loses this election due to the sabotage of the opposing Republicans, the results of a Hillary presidency will be on their hands. If another 9/11, or worse occurs, it will be on their hands. If American non-Muslim women are raped by Muslim men, it will be on their hands. If Americans lose their first and second amendment rights, it will be on their hands. If the Republicans lose the Supreme Court, it will be on their hands. If we lose our country, it will be on their hands. Mr. Romney, is that what you want? Governor Kasich, are you ready to own it when another 8 year old girl is raped by 3 Muslim boys in Ohio, as it did in Idaho this past summer? Jeb, are you ready to take responsibility for the loss of our second amendment rights? Senator Cruz, are you prepared to own your actions if America is attacked and we are unable to defend ourselves due to a depleted military? And for both Bushs, how will you feel if your grandchildren and great grandchildren are subjected to Sharia Law due to the allowance of hundreds of thousands of Muslims on our land? While this may all seem rather extreme, it’s not at all, as these are the issues that are at stake.

The Establishment Republicans not supporting Donald Trump, in my opinion, are nothing, but a bunch of do nothing politicians that are behaving like poor losers. While I have made many calls, they may have been in vain. Let me be clear on my thoughts on a hand full of those not supporting Donald Trump. Again, the rumor is Governor John Kasich and Senator Ted Cruz are vowing to form a coalition to defeat Donald Trump and  I ask why? Simple, they both lost, and their egos are bruised. Well, Governor Kasich, let me shed light on your candidacy. You came in fourth place only due to Senator Marco Rubio dropping out of the presidential race. Senator Rubio had 165 electoral votes. You had 161 and again that’s due to Rubio dropping out. Bottom line, you lost. While you may have been a successful Governor, your candidacy for president was lame at best. Senator Cruz, you had a whopping 559 electoral votes. You too lost, and you lost “big league”, as Trump would say. Mr Donald Trump had in total 1543 electoral votes. Mr. Romney, you are a pathetic little man. You lost an election that was yours for the taking. Had you fought against Obama half as hard as you have fought against Trump, you’d likely be running for re-election. Mr. Romney, you didn’t fight, you wilted, and lost, and now you, like your father want to spoil it for someone else. Get over it! Jeb, what can I say? You truly are a disappointment. While you were a great Governor, I feel you were out of politics for far too long, you lost your passion for politics, and it showed. Jeb, Trump toppled you and you behaved embarrassingly weak for a presidential hopeful. You too need to put on your big boy pants and face the fact that you will never be president. While I could go on with the long list of vile Republicans that oppose Donald Trump, I’ll spare us all. Suffice it to say, these men and women can not say they love their country and not support their party’s nominee. Likewise, Americans who oppose Donald Trump can not say they love their country and not vote or vote for Hillary Clinton. Those who love their country will I believe do the right thing and vote for Donald Trump. Donald Trump is the candidate of the people who will make America great and safe again!
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRLBLOG 2016
Example Script for calls to those in opposition of Donald Trump:

Caller: Hello, I am calling to ask that                 change his or her no vote, or vote against Donald Trump to a vote for Donald Trump. Too much is at risk if Hillary Clinton becomes president. Our nation’s security  due to an open border policy, sanctuary cities, and the allowance of  550% more unvetted Syrian refugees into our country is unacceptable. Our ability to defend ourselves due to a depleted military is at risk. We need a president that will rebuild our military, not tear it down. Our 1st and 2nd amendment rights are at risk. Our Constitution is at risk. Our country’s middle class is at risk. Hillary has vowed to raise taxes on everyone, not just the rich. Our country and all it’s stood for is at risk. Our Supreme Court is at risk. Please ask               , is he or she ready to own it if Donald Trump loses? Are they ready to take the blame for increased home grown terrorism and mass raping by Muslims as is taking place in Europe? A failing economy? A possible attack? Americans losing their freedom of speech and their right to bear arms? Let it be said that every Republican supporting Donald Trump, will blame each and every one of you in opposition to Trump, if he loses this election and we lose our country. You will also lose your party as well, as I and millions of Americans will disavow the GOP!  Have a lovely day!

For a full list of Republicans NOT supporting Donald Trump click here:

Call List; Partial List Of Names And Numbers Of Those Not Supporting Donald Trump:

Senator Lisa Murkowski AK (202)224-6665

Senator Jeff Flake AZ  (202)-224-4521

Congressman Christopher Shays CT. (203)579-5870

Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen FL. (202)225-3931

Congressman Mike Coffman CO.(202)225-7882

Congressman Bob Dold IL (202)225-4835

Congressman Adam Kinzinger IL (202)225-3635

Senator Mark Kirk IL (847)498-0300

Governor Charlie Baker MA (202)624-7713

Governor Larry Hogan MD (877)634-6361

Senator Susan Collins ME (202)224-2523

Governor Rick Snyder MI (202)624-5840

Senator Ben Sasse NE    (202)-224-4224

Governor Susana Martinez (505)476-2200

Senator Dean Heller NV (202)224-6244

Governor Brian Sandoval NV (775)684-5670

Congressman Fred Upton MI (202)225-3761

Congressman Richard Hanna NY (202)225-3665

Governor John Kasich OH (614)466-3555

Congressman Charlie Dent PA (202)225-6411

Senator Pat Toomey PA (202)224-4254

Senator Lindsey Graham SC (202) 224-5972

Senator Ted Cruz TX (202)224-5922

Congressman Scott Rigell VA (202)225-4215

Congressman David Reichert WA (202)225-7761

Congressman Reid Ribble WI (202)225-5665

Speaker Paul Ryan WI ( was against Trump then was for now appears to be against, another words he’s a man that either doesn’t know what he wants or won’t speak up no pun intended for what he wants) (202)225-3031

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