Toni Holt Kramer

Nancy Blumenfeld

I am 4th generation Angelino. The Greenberg side of my family founded first retail department, harris & frank) chain in California in 1800s. The Raphael side are listed as a founding family of Los Angeles.they too were here in the 1800s .the industrial building that they built still stands on n.spring street.the current owner a ucla film professor is doing a documentary on the jewish (Raphael) families (that settled north of the la train station. Some of Raphael past homes are listed as historical sites.

We can’t let a woman who worships Saul Alinsky and will bring our
Country down with more of Obama and her vision of socialism.
Even worse is the spy, Huma, who is Hillary’s senior aide.
Huma’s family are muslim brotherhood a terrorist group.

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