Sean Bianca "GOPGIRL"
Sean Bianca “GOPGIRL”

A man stood up in front of me as the song, “God Bless America”, played loudly throughout the movie theater. His wife stood up next. The film screen filled up with the picturesque landscape of America. As the film I was watching had just shown America’s fate being at risk, I wanted to stand up as well. I stood as to show my pride in America. I stood as to take a stand for America, which for the moment is still “the people’s America”. After I stood up to follow suit, so too did everyone else in the theater, a theater that was filled. The song that followed was “The Star Spangled Banner” which played on next and everyone crossed their right hand over their chest as to pledge allegiance to the Flag. As I stood to honor our country, a tear rolled down my face. That one tear was one of many tears. I found myself in tears, as I was crying for America, the country I so love.

     Everyone and anyone must see the film, “Hillary’s America”. The film is a must. It is the highest grossing documentary of 2016. Dinesh D’Souza, an Indian, American political commentator who wrote the book, and created the movie, “Hillary’s America”, does an outstanding job. Dinesh D’Souza enlightens viewers on the history of the Democratic party. He tells of how the Democrats were the party of slavery and the Klu Klux Klan, and truly educates one on the differences between the Democratic and Republican party.  DiSouza also tells of the current Democratic Presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, and her scandalous past… Benghazi, missing money, missing emails, an unsecured server, criminal investigations, all too high speaking fees, funds from terrorists, and terrorist nations; you name the scandal, D’Souza names it. “Hillary’s America”, is a must see for every American.

      So much is at risk in this election and Dinesh D’Souza knows all too well. D’Souza knows that we the people are in danger of losing our country. It is for that reason alone I feel he has done this film. He has done this film in knowing that our freedom and safety are at stake. If a liberal majority is appointed to the Supreme Court, Americans could very well lose their rights. The second amendment will most likely be challenged if Hillary were to win the presidency, and that is troublesome. Every country that lost their right to bear arms soon after experienced mass genocide. While we Americans might not be a victim to mass genocide by our own government, we could if enough radical Muslims were to be present in America. With Hillary Clinton wanting to import 550% more Muslims into America, our security is at risk. While losing the right to own a gun may not be a priority for all, perhaps losing one’s freedom of speech is concerning. For many losing the freedom to choose to buy or not buy a health plan has been bad enough. The fact is, with Barrack Obama, Americans have already lost many of their freedoms. Americans are also in fear for their lives. Hillary Clinton has vowed to increase the Syrian immigrant intake by 550% and frankly that is complete insanity. Allowing thousands of unvetted Syrian refugees into America is putting Americans at risk. One just can not vote for Hillary if they have a true love for America. Americans who love this country know that Donald Trump is the only choice to prevent the demise of America. “Hillary’s America” is history, it is truth, it is fact, and it is the real Hillary. America can not afford Hillary. I believe, “Hillary’s America” will be the death of America and its people. Americans, don’t just vote; be informed!

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