trumpYou are doing a great job and I know you have been asking what more you can do to get Donald J. Trump elected President. Well here it is. What you can do is contact all of your friends and family and try to gather as many new Trumpettes and Trumpsters by word of mouth and convert as many people as possible which is going to be very important. I would hope that each one of you will bring at least one new person per week to our Trumpettes site. We also have a blog so feel free to blog and share your thoughts and remember share, share, and share. Don’t forget to read the blogs posted by our Trumpette Sean Bianca as she is working very hard to get Donald J. Trump elected.

We seem to have a new serious issue each week that needs to be addressed and we want to hear your opinions and why he can handle these issues. It is very important! The economy, the new jobs, the military, the transgender locker rooms and bathrooms in schools that is changing the footprint of America. We have always been the number one nation in the world, do we really want to fall off a cliff and keep pushing this socialist progressive agenda. I ask you to ask your friends that are sitting on the fence and don’t know what to do if they are better off today than seven and a half years ago. One thing that is assured about socialism, it only works until they use up everybody’s money. There is no such thing as everything is for free. We have one chance and one opportunity because after that it will be way too late. If we don’t elect Mr. Trump as President then I am afraid America will no longer be the joyous place that made us all proud to be Americans. A desire to succeed, to be proud of ourselves, for our children, our neighbors and our country. THIS IS IT. This is the moment of truth and the moment for our future come the November election. Let’s get in there Trumpettes and work together to ensure the future of our beautiful country.