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To The Bush Family; Are All Drug Dealers Voting For Hillary? -Sean Bianca GOPGIRLBLOG

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      They say birds of a feather flock together. Once, there was a time when I would disagree with that statement, like when I repeatedly wondered just how former President H.W. Bush could be so chummy with former President Bill Clinton. Just how could a seemingly virtuous, conservative, like H.W. Bush, possibly be anything more than an acquaintance with the amoral, liberal, Bill Clinton? How? How too could G.W.  Bush be so close with Bill Clinton that he would repeatedly consult with former President Clinton during his own presidency? How could the Clintons and Bushs be anything more than a business relationship? How could the families be anything more than cordial? Weren’t the two families on opposite sides of the fence? How could those who seemed so conservative even be in the same room with a liberal?  It just didn’t make sense. It didn’t make sense, until it did, and now it’s making a whole lot of sense.

Fast cars, fancy houses, drug dealing, and wheeling and dealing. It was sunny Miami and life was good. It was the year 2000 and G. W. Bush was following in his father’s footsteps and running for president. G.W. was the Republican hopeful that was to place the republicans back in the White House. Simultaneously, the other Bush son, Jeb, was the Governor of Florida. The Bushs were like the Kennedys, a political dynasty. A political dynasty indeed, but what millions of Americans did not know was that the Bushs were much more than a political dynasty. The Bushs according to many, were shall we say for lack of better wording, “Kingpins”. “Drug Kingpins”. Money laundering, drugs, and dead bodies were the said components of the Bush family. What seemed much like the acclaimed TV series, “Miami Vice”, was the true life story the Bushs.

Gables By The Sea, a luxurious oceanfront community in Coral Gables, Florida was the neighborhood.  It was one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Coral Gables, Florida. It was a known fact that several drug dealers lived in the neighborhood. Miami Vice had filmed an episode or two at one of the homes. My own home was said to be built and once owned by a friend of the acclaimed Manuel Noriega. One ocean front home was rumored to have a shark pen inside. One can only guess as to why one would want a sharks’ pen in their home. It was my neighborhood and it was where I lived at home with my parents. It was also the neighborhood of Jeb Bush and his family. To be exact, Jeb and his family rented a home just outside the exclusive community, but not for long. One New Year’s Eve, a woman was shot and killed in the exclusive community. It was labeled as a “hit”. The “hit” took place just two homes away from my own home. The homeowners were rumored to be drug dealers. Weeks later Jeb and his family moved. Not too long after, another neighbor attempted suicide. It was this neighbor who told me of the Bush family’s affinity for drug dealing and corruption. He was nice looking, in his forties, and the world was his oyster. He had it all. Everything. Gorgeous home on a canal, gorgeous women always on his arm, yacht, Ferrari, you name it, materialistically this man had it. Unfortunately, for this man ,two days before the delivery of his newest yacht, he decided to shoot himself and he failed. He failed miserably. His failed suicide attempt resulted in his being partially paralyzed and blind. He died a year later. Was it a suicide? I wonder. I personally don’t think so.

While drugs, corruption, and dead bodies seem to follow the Clintons. It would appear they also follow the Bushs. So it would seem, birds of a feather do in fact flock together. This is why today H.W. Bush is stating that he will vote for Hillary Clinton. He will vote for Hillary, as Hillary fits his agenda, and fills his “wallet.” It fills his wallet as if the chitter chatter is correct, H.W. must vote for Hillary. He must vote for Hillary as she is against closing our borders. It would be mighty difficult to run drugs across the Mexican border if Donald Trump were elected and built a wall. “The Wall” ,why, that is it! I believe the Bushs are all against Donald Trump as he is a threat to their family business. It’s tough to run drugs from Mexico with a big fat wall! If the Bushs are in fact “drug kingpins”, they under no circumstance want Donald Trump to be the next president.

Birds of a feather flock together. Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, open borders, and the Bushs. It all makes sense now. The Bushs and the Clintons  are two birds of a feather. They are one in the same. Dick Cheney, Colin Powell, Tom Ridge, I don’t trust a one!  Hillary being a Democrat, and H.W. being a Republican, it means nothing. If it did, H.W. would stand with the Republican party and support Donald J. Trump. All these years that the American people looked up to Bush family and their values. They were fooled. We were fooled, as all along the Bushs and the Clintons were always on the same page. Frolicking about at Bohemian Grove, working on charities,  keeping our borders open, using drugs, and dealing drugs. Now it all seems so very, very clear.  H.W. Bush for Hillary? Why, of course! The Bushs care not about closing sanctuary cities, closing our borders, building a wall, and protecting the American people. They care about protecting their wallets. The Bushs don’t want Donald J. Trump to be our next president, mainly due to the wall. It’s against their agenda and to be against their agenda is to threaten their way of life. America needs not the corruption of the Clintons and the Bushs. It’s gone on long enough. While Bush’s wallet may well be affected if Donald J. Trump is elected, our being safe will also be affected. We will again feel safe under Donald J. Trump. Now I ask, America, do you want to help Bush’s wallet or do you want to keep America safe? Build that wall !!!!
(c)Sean Bianca  GOPGIRLBLOG 2016

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