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Tracy Caruso

Tracy Caruso is a civic minded, entrepreneur.

Tracy is the president and owner of Delray Beach Executive Suites, an executive suite office business, located on Atlantic Ave in Delray Beach, Florida, that leases office suites to businesses ranging from law firms to non profits.

Tracy has always been involved with her community. She has worked with adults to teach them how to read and write and she worked as a rape crisis counselor in NYC. She created a reading group for high school students in Delray Beach. She has served on three HOA boards and is currently the Vice President of the Atlantic Grove HOA. She also currently serves on the Delray Beach Historic Preservation Board which she was appointed to by the Delray Beach commission in 2018. She is co-chair for Palm Beach County Cares which is currently working for Bahamas aid and relief. She’s also serves on many charitable committees. She is on the board pf Republican Federated Women of South Florida and she’s an REC member.

It’s all about 2020 and doing what’s right for America.

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