The sun was shining, the sky was blue, the intracoastal was within view. It was a beautiful day at a local park where I agreed to give a man a tennis lesson. Unfortunately for my student and I, our peaceful, pleasant day was somewhat disturbed by the sound of two shirtless, shoe-less, homeless men yelling the f-bomb every second word. While the profanity was obnoxious the need for one man to yell his plans to use the facility to take a whiz was all the more so. The homeless men were quite obviously higher than a kite, not working, not looking for employment, but able to live, and enjoy themselves doing nothing more than mouthing off about a whole lot of nothing. Moments later, the two men were joined by a rather robust woman on a bike whom the men called, “Baby cakes”. “Baby cakes” was not much better than her two male friends. She was also not working, not looking for work, but able to sit with the two dodos and enjoy her day. There is no doubt in my mind that these people are able to survive, get high, and enjoy life due to the liberal agenda. The liberal agenda of rewarding those who choose to not work, not look for work, but instead get high, and do a whole lot of nothing. Well that whole lot of nothing is America’s tax dollars at work.
       America’s roads and bridges are in need of repair, our parks are debilitating,  our air force is being forced to fly older planes, our military is being cut back, our borders are unsecured, and our taxes are being used on homeless people getting high. Not only are these homeless people higher than a kite, but they are enjoying life. They are enjoying life as they are able to spend their days at the beach, park, or wherever they please, at the expense of you and me! It’s maddening. Not only is it maddening, but it makes April 15th, AKA “tax day” downright painful! 
       While taxes are a hard bit to swallow, taxes are even more hard to swallow when one is able to view just where their taxes are going. While under Republican Presidents, I was confident that my tax dollars were being used for the better, I can not say I have the same sentiments at present, nor do many other Americans. In fact a former Obama supporter told me that her taxes had skyrocketed under Obama, and she was none too pleased as she was under the higher income bracket. Being of a much higher income than myself this woman informed me that she and her husband much preferred donating to the charities of their choosing than paying higher taxes where the government chose the charitable causes. Being quite philanthropic this couple did more than their fair share of donating. However after Obama became President their donating was not as frequent as they felt they were donating to the Obama fund for the lazy. 
      Turns out the Obama fund for the lazy is a fund that many Americans are having a difficult time accepting. Go figure that the Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump has been quote as saying that he tries to pay as little in taxes as possible. Can anyone blame him? Perhaps if Americans saw their tax dollars being used to secure our borders Americans would not feel pain when writing a check for their year’s taxes. Or perhaps if Americans heard all welfare recipient’s were being be forced to take drug tests prior to receiving government aid, they’d not feel resentment at those receiving handouts. Or perhaps if those on welfare and receiving child support from the government were forced to clean park bathrooms and pick up garbage from our streets, Americans would be more supportive of the government. Or perhaps if Americans saw their tax dollars go towards taking care of our veterans or the building of new planes and military equipment Americans would not be resentful of their too high taxes. Too high taxes and no results are what Americans are seeing and what Donald Trump is also seeing. Frankly I don’t blame Donald Trump as I and thousands of other Americans have had it with too high taxes, and not enough results. And sorry if I fail to see the good that my tax dollars are doing in supporting  homeless, shirtless, shoe-less, jobless crackheads.
           I don’t care about Donald Trump’s tax returns, and neither should anyone else. Americans know Trump is worth millions or billions, who cares? What does it matter what Donald Trump has made? While it is true that presidential candidates have routinely produced their tax returns, it is not as if Trump is the only candidate to fail to produce his tax returns. Former Presidents Gerald Ford, and Theodore Roosevelt also at times failed to produce their returns as well. 
      While Trump has been criticized that he has not produced his tax returns he has stated his reason for not, was due to being audited. While under audit one should not reveal their tax returns and therefore his reason should be understood, but who cares? To be perfectly honest, Donald Trump could pay zero taxes and I would still support him. If life were fair, none of us should be paying taxes for a President that has delivered zero to America, and it’s citizens. Give me a President that keeps illegals out, prevents terrorists from entering our country, keeps our military funded as so it will protect America, creates jobs, and devises a health care system that is as affordable to those who work as those who don’t, and I’ll write my checks for my taxes happily. Unfortunately such has not been the case. I have faith that Donald Trump will keep us safe, protect our borders, take care of our veterans, rebuild our military, and create jobs. It is the issues that I care about. It is the issues that Americans care about. It is the fact that America is falling and falling fast that scares myself and other Americans, and if we don;t elect the right person to the White House this November we may never be able to come back. I want America to be “great again”, and therefore, I want Donald Trump to be the next President of the United States!
Sean Bianca GOPGIRLBLOG 2016