The votes have been counted, the people have spoken, Donald J. Trump is the presumptive Presidential nominee for the Republican party. Last week Trump took Indiana winning 57 delegates, and 53.3% of the voters giving him the path to victory. With Senator Ted Cruz only winning 36.7% of the votes the Senator surprised many in suspending his campaign after losing the primary. Not surprisingly, Governor John Kasich followed the next day in suspending his campaign as well. While Trump’s competition accepted their defeat and suspended their campaigns, many key Republicans appear not to be suspending their public opposition for the presumptive nominee.
     “Get over it!” Yes, I said it. I’ve had it with Republican establishment key players and old cronies alike, “get over it!” The bottom line is because of the failure of Republicans to be successful in campaigning, the Republicans have lost the White House not once, but twice! Shame on the Republican party. Because of the Republican party and their lack of being competitive we have had Barrack Obama, a possible, impostor as our President. Had you the Republican party done half of what you have done in attempting to stop Trump, into stopping Obama we might not have had Obama a possible traitor as President! Had you Mr. Mitt Romney, taken the white gloves off and been half as nasty towards Obama in your Presidential campaign as you have been towards Mr. Trump, you quite possibly would be running for your re-election as President at present. Let me add that had the Republicans been so zealous in their fight against Obama care as they have been in their feeble attempts to stop Trump, we might not have Obama care, and oh let us not forget Hillary. Had you, Mr. Trey Gowdy and all of the Republicans on the Benghazi committee, been at all competent in you’re going after Hillary for Benghazi, we today would not have a Hillary running for the Presidency. 
     “Get over it!” Donald Trump is the choice of the Republicans today, and he is the voice of the thousands of Americans myself included, that have tired of the Republicans failing to get the job done. Yes, “get over it”, to the Speaker of the House, Mr. Paul Ryan, and others who have voiced your distaste and disapproval of Mr. Trump. All of you, who signed a pledge to support the nominee of the Republican Party, I say “get over it, and shame on you, as you are a disgrace!” Not only are you all a disgrace, but you are failures, as you have failed us the American People. We the people who have cast our ballots, and elected Mr. Trump have elected him as he is our voice, our voice that has not been heard. He is also the voice of those of us that are afraid of allowing Muslims into our country without a more intense way of vetting these people. Donald Trump is the voice of the middle class that YOU, the Republicans and Democrats alike have forgotten. He is the voice of the military, and veterans that YOU, the Republicans and Democrats have forgotten. He is the voice of the people that have lost jobs due to the failures of our government stopping companies from leaving the U.S.. Donald Trump is the voice of Americans that are living pay check to paycheck, as they are paying too high taxes. Too high taxes rewarding those benefiting off the government, in their receiving government handouts.Donald Trump is the voice of the people who have tired of a seemingly crooked government and want the transparency that was once promised by President Barrack Obama. The promise that was never delivered. Donald J. Trump is the will and the voice of the people who elected him, and I say “get over it, and embrace our candidate!” I also say for the fate of this nation, a nation in danger of collapsing, you best support him.
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRLBLOG 2016

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