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WIKILEAKS Reveals; Hillary Is An Enemy Of The State! -Sean Bianca GOPGIRL

    America, the greatest nation in the world, or is it? Perhaps long ago when President Ronald Reagan was president, America was the greatest nation in the world, but at present we are no more. We are not the greatest nation as we have somehow become one of the most, if not the most corrupt nation in the world. For years Americans have suspected our president as being guilty of treason, yet we’ve lived our lives in blissful ignorance. For years we’ve known former Secretary Clinton was nothing more than a con, yet we’ve looked the other way. We’ve looked the other way until today. Today we have a woman running for the presidency, who had she not bore the name “Clinton”, she’d likely be in prison for her crimes. As disgusting as it is, America has most probably the most corrupt politician in the history of the United Ststes headed for the White House. That is unless we as Americans step up to the plate and vote for a man who is not a lifelong corrupt politician. That man would be Donald J. Trump.

Donald J. Trump is America’s last and only hope for salvation. While he may not be the candidate of every one’s dreams, he is a candidate that will never ever let America down. Donald J. Trump could never in his lifetime even think of competing with Hillary Clinton in mastering corruption. Donald J. Trump is a man who loves his country. Donald J. Trump is a true patriot. While Hillary Clinton mocks the American people, Donald J. Trump praises the American people. While Hillary Clinton has a dream for globalization and being one with the world, Donald J. Trump has a dream for America and Americans. While Hillary Clinton intends on bringing millions of Syrian refugees into America, thus destroying America as Europe is being destroyed, Donald J. Trump intends on closing our borders making America a better and safer place. Donald J. Trump is America’s last chance. Anyone doubting the man that Donald J. Trump is, and his passion for America need just do one thing. One thing is all that is needed to show every American how wrong Hillary is for America. That one thing is read. Read the Wikileaks emails, and if not in their entirety, read this summary of what has been released by Julian Assange of Wikileaks thus far.

DRIP DRIP, HILLARY’S CAMPAIGN EXPOSED (allegedly from Podesta inbox)

*Podesta wised San Bernardino shooter was named “Chris” or “Christopher Hayes

*Qatar gift offer

*Advisor: “say yes”to donations from lobbyists

*Mook called Clinton’s taxes and health “hyper sensitive” issues

*Politico reporter offered campaign chance to edit story

*Focus group tested that Obama’s father was a Muslim

*Asked potential voters about Obama’s past cocaine use

*Campaign believed Obama committed voter fraud in 2008

*Hillary wanted Obamacare to unravel

*Podesta called Sen. Bernie Sanders a “doofas”

*Campaign found gender pay gap at Clinton Foundation (women are paid less)

*Podesta listed potential VIP candidates by radical and gender “food groups”

*Aides thought Obama’s remarks about private server didn’t make sense.

*Obama knew about Hillary’s private email account

*Clinton has public ans private positions on issues (another words, she lies)

*Hillary claimed Saudi Arabia ans Qatar funded ISIS

*Hillary showed concern about vetting refugees (there in no way to vet refugees)

*Hillary bragged about being invited to Putin’s “inner sanctum”

*Hillary said she’s removed from struggles of middle class

*Campaign attacked Catholics and Evangelicals

*Hillary admitted Syria no-fly zone would be very difficult

*Hillary went back and forth over Keystone pipeline

*Hillary said fracking was a “gift’ in paid speech

*Hillary praised Wall Street in paid speeches

*Hillary supported a plan that would cut social security

*Hillary showed support for “open borders”

*Hillary hated using the phrase “everyday Americans”

*CNBC’s John Harwood offered advice

*New York Times allowed quote edits

*Boston Globe pumped up campaign

*Univision pressured to attack Trump

*MSNBC Producer praised Hillary

*Podesta called Latinos “needy”

*Campaign colluded with the DOJ and State Dept. over released documents

*Hillary solicited $12M Donation from King of Morocco

*Hillary ally questions about Bill’s conflicts of interest

*Campaign viciously attacked David Axelrod

*Campaign notes Hillary had many different opinions on single payer

*Podesta’s daughter thought Hillary’s “with a cloth” comment was scary

*Donna Brazile trashed Obama’s economy

*Donna Brazil bragged about media support

*Donna Brazile leaked a Town hall question to the campaign

*CNBC’s John Harwood tried to have lunch with Podesta

*Hillary had 80+ potential campaign slogans

*Katie Couric offered to “showcase” Hillary’s “personality” in potential interview

*CNBC’s John Harwood mocked reporters who asked Hillary tough questions

*Aides discussed strategy to turn over Clinton’s email server to DOJ

*Planned parenthood thanked campaign for speaking out against under cover taps

*Clinton ally said Hillary “doesn’t seem to know what planet we are all lining on at the moment

*Bill Deblasio colluded with campaign on Joe Biden running for president

*Hillary was fed debate question

*Debate moderator in the tank for Hillary

*Media let Democrat edit storied

*Hillary wines and dines media

“Bin Laden raid leaks

*”better” if terrorist was a white man

*Bill’s “sex life” could be “damaging”

*Chelsea “a spoiled brat”

*Apologies are Hillary’s “Achilles heel”

*Hillary is often “confused” and “naps”

*Reuters offered to share House Benghazi committee intel with Clinton campaign

*At least 65 MSM reporters were meeting with and or coordinating offline with top Hillary advisers

Also in the WIKILEAKS emails is the fake “grope plot” against Donald Trump. In May 2016 the campaign devised a fake Trump “grope under the meeting table through a fake Craig’s List advertisement. In addition to numerous revelations as discovered in the Podesta emails, Julian Assange proves that Hillary Clinton deserves to be imprisoned for her crimes against the state.

*Huma Abedin said Hillary is “still not perfect in her head”

*Podesta and aide criticized Hillary’s instincts

*Aide wrote “there is just no good answer” on server scandal

*Podesta said Obamacare premium increases are politically deadly

*Cheryl Mills wrote ‘we need to clean this up” about Pres. Obama’s comments on Hillary’s server

*Podesta called Hillary’s email scandal a “hot mess”

*Journalists who covered Hillary were invited to her campaign manager’s house;
*ABC                            *CNN                                *NEW YORK TIMES
*ASSOCIATED PRESS     *HUFFINGTON POST          *NPR                 *AURN                         *LA TIMES                        *POLITICO                 *BLOOMBERG                                        *MCCLATCHY                    *REUTERS
*BUZZFEED                  *MSNBC                            *THE HILL
*CBS                            *NATIONAL JOURNAL        *WALL STREET JOURNAL
*CNBC                          *NBC                                *WASHINGTON POST

*Campaign discussed “vulnerability points” at the Clinton Foundation

*Staff raised concerns about Hillary’s health

*Campaign feared a potential 2016 Joe Biden Presidential run

*Co-Chair of transition team said “they wanted to get away with it” on server scandal

*Reuters offered to share House Benghazi Committee intel with campaign

*Campaign worried about visa issue after San Bernardino attack

*Miss Universe attack on Trump was planned for months

*Bill Clinton cancelled speech to Wall Street Bank After Hillary announced candidacy

*Hillary aide said “American economic dynamism is weakening”

*Campaign discussed making a joke about email server scandal

*Hillary solicited $12M donation from King of Morocco

*Hillary Ally raised question about Bill’s conflicts of interest

*Campaign viciously attacked David Axelrod

*Campaign notes Hillary had many different opinions on single payer

*Podesta’s daughter thought Hillary’s “with a a cloth” comment was scary

*”We need to clean this up -he has emails from her-they do not say “State Gov.” re. Obama

*”There just is not good answer”

*”We need to gut through the process phase, get them all out there and let the content do the talking”

* Hillary plans to use executive order to make gun manufacturers legally liable for deaths caused by their guns. Ridiculous, as it would be like Ford or Chevrolet being held liable for anyone who is killed in a car crash. Even Bernie Sanders thought it was crazy.

Thousands of emails have been released, giving every American thousands of reasons why Hillary Clinton should never ever be president of the United States. Perhaps the most incriminating emails were the 1700  emails directly linking Hillary to Libya, Syria, and Al Qaeda and ISIS. The emails reveal that Hillary and her State Department were arming Islamic Jihadists including the Islamic State in Syria. During Obama’s second term, Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State authorized the shipment of American made arms to Qatar. Qatar, beholden to the “Muslim brotherhood”, were friendly with the Libyan rebels who wished to defeat the Libyan/Qaddafi regime.Then, in turn, the arms were shipped to Syria to defeat Assad in Syria as well. Hillary orchestrated the “friends of Syria” or “ISIS” backed by the CIA insurgency as to topple Asaad in Syria. While the U.S. arming Syria was clear in the WIKILEAKS emails, Hillary under oath denied having any knowledge of the arming of ISIS.

What is revealed to Americans in the WIKILEAKS released John Podesta emails, is that the Democratic party has an enemy of the state in their nominee. Hillary Clinton can not be trusted and can never be president. This is a woman that has again and again taken money from nations promoting terrorism. This is a woman who is in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood, who has openly stated their goal is to destroy western civilization as we know it, from within. This is a woman who will sell this country to the highest bidder for her own gain. Not only will Hillary Clinton sell this country out, but she has contempt for virtually every American. Hillary’s camp has insulted Christians, Catholics, Jews, Latinos, and African Americans. Hillary has called more than half of America “deplorable”. How then can a woman with such vile feelings towards the American people ever be a president for the people? The only group Hillary and her campaign haven’t insulted are Muslims. Americans should be extremely concerned. America has a presidential candidate that has armed ISIS, and has insulted virtually all Americans, except Muslims. Hillary Clinton is NOT presidential material. What Hillary Clinton is, in my opinion, is an enemy of the State. Perhaps Hillary should run for political office in Qatar, Iran, or Saudi Arabia! America needs a patriot and Hillary Clinton is far from it. America has a true patriot in Donald J. Trump. That is why every American who loves his or her freedom must vote for Donald J. Trump. Americans must save this nation from the wrath of Hillary Clinton, and her seemingly ill intentions towards Americans and their freedoms. Let’s make America great again, and safe again with Donald J. Trump!
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRL 2016
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