Campaign Funds For Trump! – Sean Bianca

Trump needs you, me,  and he needs every single one of his supporters. Trump needs us in the sense that he needs every single dollar and five dollars every one of us can spare. While many reading this many may be asking why a self proclaimed billionaire needs anyone’s money. Trump needs our money as Trump is


Thank You Indiana! -Sean Bianca

The votes in Indiana have been counted, the people have spoken, and the outcome has been decided. With 53.3%  of Republicans supporting Trump, Trump won the state of Indiana. The Hoosier state did well by Trump insuring Trump the Republican nomination for President, and in turn forcing Senator Ted Cruz out of  the race. While it appeared


Politicians Gone Mad!-Sean Bianca

   A while back on late night television there was a film appropriately names. “Girls Gone Wild”. It was a film consisting of young, innocent or not so innocent, college girls, and their exploits during Spring Break while heavily intoxicated. The film was I assume distasteful, but entertaining to some. Today we could have a film named. “Politicians Gone Mad”

Lilian Gregory

I am a singer at Maycol and Lilian. I began singing for Mr. TRUMP in Mar-a-Lago for 6 years. He Is a wonderful, kind, wise, honorable and a respectful man with a beautiful family. I believe in him as the best option for the USA.

Barbara Gilbert

Spend most of my time in Palm Beach with my friends like you! I am an executive in The Wealth Management business and have gotten to know Trump thru his years in Palm a Beach . I am originally from NY. Love helping people, animals and making a difference. Love my family and friends. Short

Dee Cushing

My husband, Tommy, and I moved to Palm Beach in 1982 with our children Kelly and Christopher. They both attended the Palm Beach Day school. Over the years I’ve chaired a few charity events and have been on numerous committees as well. We lived on List Road for 25 years. Basia Hamilton painted my portrait

Mary Ellen Bloomingdale

I am Mary Ellen Bloomingdale, Being a strong concretive Republican, lead me to believe in business ownership, free enterprise and earning as much as I was able. The evaluation of my beliefs gained me a place in the ownership of my own businesses in the Real Estate field as a California Broker and Investor for