Another Super Tuesday is upon us, and with another Super Tuesday comes more despicable conniving against the Republican front runner, Donald J. Trump. Just when Trump supporters thought the obstacles in Trump’s path to the nomination couldn’t get any more crooked, the obstacles get more outlandish than ever. On Monday April 25th it was announced that Senator Ted Cruz, and John Kasich would team up in their efforts to stop Trump from becoming the Republican Presidential nominee.
          I suppose if one is unable to beat a candidate on his or her own merits, and popularity, one might as well join forces with another loser, as to stop the clear winner. Despicable is what this coalition between Cruz and Kasich is. Donald Trump called the Cruz and Kasich team as a collusion, and described it as desperate. I call the team “losers and bedfellows”. Although it is said that politics makes for strange bedfellows. This team is not only strange, but downright pathetic! The scheming of the two losing candidates is in my, and a good majority of Americans opinion not only desperate, but just more Republican dirty politicking which seems to be the theme for the Republican party at present. 
          Never in my lifetime have I ever seen such determination by a party to stop a particular candidate from being nominated. Never have I seen such attempts to stop a candidate for whom the majority of the people in a party are behind. While Cruz and Kasich may be all proud and pompous with their clever collusion, the people of this country are not impressed. In fact the majority of Americans, 90% to be exact, feel the Cruz-Kasich scheme against Trump will fail.
           If one colludes in business or in the stock market, one is taking part in illegal activity which would lead one to prison. If one colludes in politics, one is within their rights? Something is very, very wrong with our country if such unfair activity can take place, but then this entire primary election has been one of nothing but scheming, conniving, backroom deals, and questionable activity. All in all the Republicans have been a roaring success in proving themselves to be nothing more than a political circus, giving Democrats only more ammunition to mock the party. 
           Rather amusing, I’d say. While many of the Republicans used Trump’s having been a former reality television personality against him, the Republicans themselves have become the biggest reality show of our time. Every day it’s a GOP Reality Freak Show, consisting of politicians and fools alike, and their quest to stop the only man with any sense, and a brain from becoming the Presidential nominee. I could be wrong, but I for one have tired of this political madness,. I think this alliance between Ted Cruz, and John Kasich is nothing more than two sore losers that seemingly are unable to accept the reality, that the choice of the people is Donald Trump. Instead of being desperate, Cruz would be better off accepting his loss, licking his wounds and walking away. Walking away and perhaps using his far right views for the better, as perhaps a Supreme Court Justice. While Cruz is not what Americans want as their President, he could make for one stellar addition on the Supreme court. 
      Losers, Cruz and Kasich are nothing more than two very desperate men that are just yet another of many obstacles in Trump’s path to victory. Both Cruz and Kasich should gracefully accept their losses, and embrace Trump’s being the nominee for the GOP. American Republicans want nothing more than to defeat Hillary Clinton and it’s about high time the losing candidates and the party end this fight against Trump so that he may begin his quest for the position of President of the United States. We the people have but one goal and that goal is to defeat Hillary Clinton, the question is, is that the goal of the GOP?
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRLBLOG

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