I am a 59 year old dentist who specializiled in cosmetic & general dentistry. Recently sold my practice and living on Snell Isle in St Petersburg. My dear friend and cooking class instructor, Vicki Majors, introduced me to Trumpettes. My mother, sister and I were thrilled to have attended your February 1, 2020 event at Mar A Lago. Having been born in Cuba and emigrated legally to the USA in August 1962, our family has a deep allegiance and love for this country. I offer my time and commitment to your organization to re-elect President Trump.

As a professional, Hispanic women who came to the USA in 1962 from communist Cuba, our family has first hand knowledge of the travesty that is socialism and beyond. I never hesitate to share our story of success that the USA has afforded us with anyone from the Publix bagger to my children’s schoolmates. We have passed on the gratitude and respect that we have for the USA to our children. We believe that they our legacy that we leave behind to honor God and country.

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