I was born and raised in Kansas, went to Kansas University and William Allen white school of journalism. Married and moved to New Canaan Connecticut where I have raised my three children for over 30 years. (Now divorced). Senators Elizabeth and Robert Dole are lifelong family friends and I was Elizabeth’s CT advisor for her 1999-2000 presidential exploratory campaign.
I was in international news media for 20 years got out in 2005 due to the propaganda after 9/11. I write and produce for television and media. Just finished writing my first book entitled #AmericanFreefall: To Expose the Darkness. It’s My personal survival and supernatural witness and memoir of the days leading up to 911, that day, and where we are as a nation today.

To reelect President Trump and our conservatives. To counter all news media propaganda wherever I am, in support of President Trump and his wonderful family, to teach those who are asleep about our enlightened constitutional republic; to expose socialism indoctrination and radical Islamic terrorism where ever I go in this country and as often as I can on social media; and to make sure that we #NeverForget911 because most of America has. (And I will never forget what Donald Trump did for all of us for the past 35 years in the tri-state area. He is amazing!)

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