Sean Bianca "GOPGIRL"
Sean Bianca “GOPGIRL”


 Approximately $20,000 is the cost of each Syrian refugee that has been allowed into our country. That means a total of almost $240,000,000 of Americans’ tax dollars is being spent on Syrian refugees. I suspect the number is much higher as it has been rumored that there are many more Syrian refugees. They just aren’t documented. Not to mention that since 2007 the United States has taken in over 100,000 Somali refugees. Why? Why are we doing this? With the United States having a deficit of almost 20 trillion dollars, I ask what are we doing? What are we doing taking in thousands of Syrian and Somalian refugees when we are unable to take care of our own? Not only are we not able to take care of our own people, but we are unable to take care of our own country. Our bridges, dams, and roadways are declining and we are spending money taking in refugees. Why? Our airports are ancient and we are taking in refugees. Why? Our train stations, trains, and our railroads are in decline, and we are taking in refugees. Why? Veterans are dying waiting for much needed health care, and we are taking in refugees. Why? Millions of Americans are out of work and cannot afford health insurance, and we are taking in Syrian refugees. Why? The answer is that we are paying for the mistakes of President Obama and his sidekick Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton. Americans are paying for the guilt that both President Barrack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton have felt, due to their failure to stand by their meaningless “red line” in the sand. Obama’s do nothing “red line” helped create the Syrian refugee crisis of today.

Over $240,000,000 is being spent on Syrian refugees by the citizens of the United States. Meanwhile the five wealthiest nations in the Mid East refuse to take in a one Syrian refugee, for fear of ISIS. Wrap your head around that one! Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, The United Arab Emirates, and Kuwait will not take in one Syrian refugee and yet we have accepted over 12,000 this year alone. There’s something seriously wrong with that. There’s also something seriously wrong with the fact that at least 10% of the Syrian refugees will be from ISIS. Essentially we are helping the hand that wants to kill us. We are helping them to a tune of almost $20,000 per refugee. It certainly pays to be a refugee. It pays approximately $19,884. per refugee . That’s $19,884. of our tax dollars going towards refugees that frankly, aren’t our problem. However the fact is some 12,000 plus plus Syrian refugees are presently our problem.

Some Americans may balk and think spending almost $20,000 per refugee is preposterous. Well it is. However, $20,000 is what our fearless leader has deemed fair for Syrian refugees. Case in point, thousands of Syrian refugees are living better than millions of Americans. Those Americans of whom are so unfortunate would be better off being a Syrian refugee. Each refugee upon arrival into the U.S. receives cash, welfare, housing, food stamps, medical care, and free clothing and shoes to the tune of $19,884, tax free! Each refugee not only receives aid from our government, but is also sure to soon join the workforce costing Americans jobs. Let it be known that it’s great to be a Syrian refugee! All Americans should be so lucky. Unfortunately all Americans are not so lucky.

While our tax dollars going towards Syrian refugees is maddening, what’s even more so is the fact that some of these people want to kill us. The U.S. government will have Americans believing that they have properly vetted the refugees and America is safe. Well, that just isn’t true. The fact is, ISIS members and followers are in with the innocent Syrian refugees. Donald Trump’s son, Eric Trump, was widely criticized for commenting that the Syrian refugees were like an handful of skittles. He said that only a few were needed to kill you. Well, he was right. In a group of 198 Syrian refugees that arrived on the Greek Island of Leros, there were four that were killers. Four people may seem like a small number and small concern to some, but those four people killed 130 people. Two percent of the 198 Syrian refugees seems minuscule, but their killing 130 people is far from minuscule. They were killed in what has been deemed as the worst attack on France since WWII. Those four had pledged their allegiance to ISIS. If one uses that same percentage roughly 200 people have been allowed into the United States that want to kill Americans. If four people can kill 130 people, 200 people could be capable of killing thousands!

Obama and Hillary helped create the Syrian refugee crisis by not standing up for the Syrian people, and now they want Americans to pay. Literally, Americans are being made to pay for the mishaps of our president and Secretary Hillary Clinton. The war in Syria was not and is not, our war. It’s high time we elect a president that will take care of Americans and not the citizens of fallen and terrorized nations. Hillary Clinton has proposed a 550% increase on the intake of Syrian refugees, and frankly America just can not afford them. America at present, is spending $200,000,000 on Syrian refugees. That’s $200,000,000 American dollars going towards Syrian refugees alone. That is not even counting the Somalians, Mexicans, etc. In total, the State Department is said to have taken in approximately 95,000 refugees and asylees. Using that figure at $20,000. per refugee Americans are spending 1.9 billion dollars on refugees. Hillary Clinton, if elected, wants to increase our Syrian refugee intake to 55,000 per year that she is in office, in addition to the thousands of other refugees that America feels so obliged to take in. With Hillary’s propose refugees intake plan America will be spending 2.6 billion dollars on refugees. Translation, hardworking Americans will be forever paying for these refugees. While it is heart wrenching to see men, women, and children endure the hardships of war, these refugees are not part of our war. Syria is not America’s war. When Obama could have stood up to President Bashar Al-Assad and helped the Syrian people, he failed to do so.These refugees are Obama’s failure to wage war as to ensure the safety of these refugees. Barrack Obama and Hillary failed to help the people of Syria and now they want to place the burden of the Syrian refugee crisis on Americans. No! America just can not afford to be kind due to the guilt of President Obama and Secretary Hillary Clinton. Essentially, Americans are being enslaved to Syrian refugees that are refugees due to the failings of Obama and Hillary. It must stop. Number one, we can not afford the added liability of the Syrian refugees, and number two, the allowance of un-vetted  Syrians just isn’t safe! It’s high time America elect a President that puts Americans wallets and their safety first! That president will be Donald J. Trump!
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