Tracey Barrett

We are members of Trump Bedminster living in Boca. I have two grown boys. My husband Rob is very active in Republican fundraising. My brother is Eddie Lampert. My sister n law is co-chairperson of the largest breast cancer organization.

Terri Haddock

I live in Shallotte NC, previous business owner of a retail store. Now retired and working on rehabbing homes now, also I am a wildlife Rehabilitators in NC. I am a long time Trump supporter, and in belief of his values and where he wants to take our beautiful country.

Frenchi Firecracker

I’m from Paris France. I came to America when I was 18 and I’m 53 now.I came in this country legally with a lots of roller coaster rides it wasn’t easy but I made it in America I’m a supporter of President Trump all the way !!! I want my adopted country back and I’m