Heather Floyd

I am a published author and editor, and I self-published the short book “Trump in the Middle: Why America Needs a Middle Child This Time Around” about a month before the 2016 election. I have also published “Game Over, MS,” “The Compatibility Matrix: The Qualities of YOUR Ideal Mate,” and “An Open Letter to Charles


ATTENTION TRUMPETTES AND TRUMPSTERS, AROUND OUR BEAUTIFUL AMERICA, AND IN COUNTRIES ALL AROUND THE WORLD. President Trump’s Birthday is next week and here’s what I suggest we all do. Let’s get on our Social Media and start praising and wishing him a very Happy, Happy Birthday. Let’s flood the world with all kinds of positive

Marietta Durst

I need to make a difference in this city and country. I am a Los Angeles native and have had enough. Our once beautiful city has become a third world sesspool. I voted twice for President Trump and will again if he chooses to run.

Dave Shelton

Award winning film and TV writer, cartoonist, author, musician, voice, actor from Everybody Loves Raymond, National Lampoon, Disney, Warner Bros, Nickelodeon, Syfy Channel, Tiger Beat, Brain Explosion, etc. Conservative Republican. Recently ran for State Delegate District 8. Left LA after 30 years when I’ve seen it become a left wing cesspool. I relocated to West

Sany Dash

I was born in India, raised in SF CA, lived in Manhattan for 8yrs and I love Trump so much that I have been to 87 of his rallies. Now own multiple Trump merch stores and love to let people know this woman isn’t backing down from supporting America First President ever. I want to

Cheryl Sturgis

I became actively involved in Politics during the Republican primary. At the time I was living in Connecticut and my son and I volunteered for the Trump Campaign. I returned to Florida when when my son went to college here in 2018. I had been a Florida resident prior to my residency in Connecticut for