David M Bayo

I am 55 years old and i used to be a Democrat but got so sick of the same old same old. I became a big Trump fan during the Republican debates. I am 55. LIve in Philadelphia. Just a regular working man/marathon runner

Kimberlie Glaser

Being raised in the Midwest gave me an appreciation of hard work and the knowledge that I was able to transform into a real estate empire. Today, I devote a substantial amount of my time to South Florida charities that help people in need. Now, more than ever, we need the proven leadership of President

Rachel Leung

I was born in South Florida to my two loving conservative parents. From a young age, I was a strong patriot who loved my country. I have a diverse background professionally – having acquired skills in relationship building, sales, office administration, client service, tax preparation, and more. I have also volunteered for various organizations –