Lori Clark

Born in Columbus, Mississippi in the early sixties, I have enjoyed a long career as as a small business owner, artist and interior decorator, with an emphasis on visual merchandising for national brands designing showrooms. My husband Larry and I have been married almost 40 years and together co-parented three daughters between the two of

Amos Knoll

I was born in 1943 in Israel, when I was five, I moved to Vienna, Austria, and at age ten I moved to Brooklyn New York. I have Hebrew, German, and Brooklyn Jewish accents. I went to the Brooklyn Community College, then Queens College, and to the Institute of fiancé on Wall Street. I worked

Marilyn Krone

I am a loyal Trump supporter. Recently moved to Palm Beach Gardens. Reciprocal members of Trump properties through Doonbeg, Ireland. I own investment properties that I rent out in Palm Beach. I helped my dear friend, Art Fisher raise $2.5 M at our Trump fundraiser in Lake Toxaway, NC. We have lived there in season