Victoria Mason

Have lived in Palm Beach county for over 30 years. Husband worked for Palm Beach Police as Major and knew Mr. Trump well. Had the pleasure of visiting Mara Lago a few times. I’m a Human Resources professional and have a passion for politics and supporting Mr. Trump. Would love to be involved in supporting

Melinda Read

I’ve been a Republican since I was three years and my parents brought home Nixon jewelry. Then I found out what Republicans stand for, smaller government and personal responsibility, I agree! And when Donold Trump decided to run for President I was all in! My Dad always said the largest business in the world, the

Janice Womack

71, lived in Oregon and Washington all my life.. always a republican…helped in every republican presidential race since I was 18. Have 5 kids and 13 grandkids. Have taught them to stand up for this country and how corrupt our schools and government agencies are. Been fighting the left for 40 years. I was for