David M Bayo

I am 55 years old and i used to be a Democrat but got so sick of the same old same old. I became a big Trump fan during the Republican debates. I am 55. LIve in Philadelphia. Just a regular working man/marathon runner

Kimberlie Glaser

Being raised in the Midwest gave me an appreciation of hard work and the knowledge that I was able to transform into a real estate empire. Today, I devote a substantial amount of my time to South Florida charities that help people in need. Now, more than ever, we need the proven leadership of President

Rachel Leung

I was born in South Florida to my two loving conservative parents. From a young age, I was a strong patriot who loved my country. I have a diverse background professionally – having acquired skills in relationship building, sales, office administration, client service, tax preparation, and more. I have also volunteered for various organizations –

Jimisu Balko

I was a proud Trumpette in 2020 and am now work on a Beautiful Women for Trump 2024 Trumpettes. Jimisu and her Beauties works diligently to save the lives of God’s precious animals which she lovingly calls fur babies. She is best known in the Houston area as “Queen of Fur Babies” and an advocate

Pamela Cain

Born in Marion Ohio became interested in politics at the ripe old age of 5 when I attended a 1968 Nixon Rally with my father. Marion, Ohio is also where Warren Harding lived and was buried so politics were important there!! I became fully interested in Trump in 1985 over his acquiring Mar-A-Lago by that

Lana Hines

Age: 56 years Wife and mother of 2 Owner of HVAC company Second home in Old Naples Florida Have been a true Trump supporter since day one and have attended over 5 rallies among many other events that involve our greatest President. And want to personally thank him someday in person.