Welcome New Trumpettes and Trumpsters!

Please check out our newest members!  Meet Patricia Vaughan, Morreen Brunetti, Patricia Lawford, Jackie Abramson, Therese Hutchinson, Jacinta Sunderland, Lynette Laing, Jasmine Pierce, Joanne (Jo) Abbott, Susan Stalas, James Scrymgeour, Linda Ruggiero and Pete Carroll.

Linda Ruggiero

I am a retired postal worker and still am a self employed contracted Federal EEO Investigator. i live in Valencia and have always believed in and supported Mr. Trump. I also love children, animals and the USA. I want to support Donald Trump and help spread the word that he is a good and honest man

James Scrymgeour

As a British Conservative, I would naturally support the Republican Party and Donald Trump. I recently joined Republicans Overseas UK Chapter, and we’re already hosting some wonderful events here in London. Thanks to Toni Holt Kramer and her outstanding team of Trumpettes I’ve seen leadership and inspiration all rolled into one. I look forward to

Joanne (Jo) Abbott

I just watched you on “The Morning Show” Australia. I’m seeing to much change happening! Employment is disappearing, LOCAL family run businesses being pushed aside by BIG Companies, Australian Land & Businesses being Bought/Owned & Run by Foreigners! Australian elderly struggling to survive day-to-day living expenses & medical needs ! While foreigners “receive” better! Too