Ari Rifkin

Born and raised in Tel-Aviv Israel. Spent 5 years in IDF ending up as Sergeant Major. Lives six months in Florida and the rest of the year in New York, involved with the following charities Life, P.B. Opera, P.B. Symphony, Melanoma, International Society, Israel Cancer, Israel Sport Centers, Bascom Palmer. Passions: Travel Photography, movies, theater,

Annie Barnes

Wife, Mother, Political Science Major, Philanthropist and Entrepreneur. Let us not forget that America was divided when Barack Obama became President in his defeat of Mitt Romney in 2012. Popular Vote Obama 65,915,795 (Electoral 332) Romney 60,933,504 (Electoral 206) And somehow we all united and compromised; and we still remain The Greatest Nation called the

Robyn Elam

I’m a 28 year old millennial female in AZ. I grew up a conservative catholic Republican. I fully back Donald J Trump. I’m also currently a bridal consultant but my true passion is politics. Politics and shopping! Live, love and make America great again!