Debbie Martin

Patriot, love our country and love our President. Married to my high school sweetheart, proud mom and grandmother of 5. Gift shop owner fir 30 years in our hometown Columbus, Ga. Retired and spending time at our vacation home in Csshiers, NC. Enjoying the blue ridge mountains. Love God, family and Country

Virginia Wright

President Trump has been so good for America and re-establishing our position as a world leading country. He was born for this time and God has His hand on him. Shame on those who have mistreated our beloved President. I respect him greatly. America was founded in godly principals by godly men. The constitution is

Kate Bravi

I’m 56 year old, single women. I’ve lived in United States for 45 years, most of my life. I was born in Ukraine and I speak Russian. I have a bachelor degree in communication and public relations . I’ve worked in nonprofit Jewish organizations and have spent many years bring a stay at home mom,

Karen Shilstone

self employed, mother of 3, vietnamese by birth, united states citizen since 1982 support our president from this rigged election…. we need to expose the cheaters. biden and harris had a plan all along and we all knew it. i pray president will never stop fighting for truth. we live temporarily in england at the