Anibal & Donna Iglesias

My friend & I are both retired. Enjoy our retirement most days, LOL!! & LOVE BEING GRANDPARENTS to our adorable grandchildren, Enjoy I dancing & volunteering with many activities in our community. We are so HONORED to be both USA AMERICAN CITIZENS. MOST IMPORTANTLY TO HAVE PRESIDENT TRUMP AS OUR USA PRESIDENT, LOOKING FORWARD TO

Alex Hufty Anlyan

Palm Beach Private School The Bishops School – La Jolla Georgetown Univ Wash DC Catholic Univ Buenos Aires Argentina Spanish speaking Was a Presidential appointee under Reagan It is worse now than it is was when I felt compelled to move back to Washington DC to work for Reagan, We are again at a cross

Cindy Mitchum Azbill

I am John Mitchums daughter, Robert’s niece. My parents were staunch Republicans, with my father working as the opening act for Barry Goldwater’s stump trail. My father was nominated for a Grammy for writing the only album John Wayne ever recorded, America Why I Love Her. AC Lyles told me I couldn’t be selfish and

Rob Slonecker

55 mail from the state of Maryland. I live in a state that is generally Democrat, but our section of the state is pretty much Republican backed! I guess you would say I am an essential person, volunteer firefighter, and drive a truck delivering goods! I support the Second Amendment, as well as an avid