Never Forget And Elect Donald Trump!

Hell Has A Place For Those Behind Benghazi! September 11, 2012 was the day both Madame Secretary Hillary Clinton, and President Barrack Obama guaranteed their places in hell. On that tragic day, Islamic militants attacked America’s diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya. Four Americans were unnecessarily killed on the evening of September 11th 2012. Ambassador Christopher Stevens,

Helen Jean

I come from a family with a strong tradition of campaigning for Republican candidates, as well as supervising the voting process at the polls. I have actively campaigned for many national and local Republican candidates since I was old enough to vote. I have also been involved in recruiting new Republican voters through registering friends

Cheri Miller

I am a Media Marketing Wizardess; cross country commuter; and a Trumpette before I even knew it! To re-elevate, to reinvigorate and to reestablish the global dominance of USA BY WHATEVER MEANS NECESSARY! In other words … Elect and reelect Donald Trump!!

Mara Kriska

I’m a serious Trump supporter! I’m read up educated and know what this country desperately hopes for… “To make America great again”. I’m bold outspoken but mannerly and have a leadership ability. I’m audacious. I just was on NBC San Diego 11 o’clock news trumping at the Border supporting our next president .. Go Trump!

Shelly Alvord

I’m a Christian, an 18 year Stage 4 breast cancer survivor, my professional life/career was in the business world (high technology, insurance & venture capital industries), my husband and I are ranchers raising angus cattle & American Quarter horses. So I’m familiar with the white collar business world as well as the blue collar business