GenniferFlowersGennifer Flowers is an actor, singer, best selling book author, emcee and media host and guest. She’s also known as the most famous Mistress in the World having had a 12 year affair with President Bill Clinton that came to the attention of the American public in 1992.

She’s also a popular radio talk show favorite having done most all of the major radio shows both talk and entertainment.

“The Blonde Bomb from the Big Easy” was a title given her when she lived in the New Orleans French Quarter and performed in her successful night club for over five years.

She currently lives and performs in Branson, Missouri as well as venues all over the US and Europe.

I support Donald Trump for many reasons. As many in this country, I am so very tired of the Republican establishment that gets nothing done and obviously, could care less about the wants and needs of the country as evidenced recently by the absurd opinion voiced by Mitt Romney.

I believe that Donald is very sincere in wanting to make America great again and it is going to take an independent professional like him to do exactly that…make America great again!!!

I like his stance on many of the issues and I believe he is strong enough to get things done!

We’ve got nothing to loose…..more years of the Democrats or as I call them “givemecrats” and we are done in this country!

Go Trump!!……….


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