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Did Hillary Have A Seizure During The First Debate?-Sean Bianca GOPGIRL




 Everyone’s talking about a brand new dance move, come on baby do the “Hillary shimmy”! The “Hillary shimmy”, that’s what everyone is tweeting today. It’s not who won the debate that has Americans talking. It’s Hillary’s new dance move that has Americans really talking. Dancing during a debate? Seriously? Does America really think Hillary Clinton would actually do something so idiotic as to “shimmy” during a presidential debate? Hillary Clinton is a woman. Why on earth would she of all people choose to “shimmy” and make a spectacle of herself on national television? She wouldn’t, and she didn’t. I do believe there was much more going on during the first presidential debate held last night.

    In my opinion, Hillary was not doing a little dance at the podium during last night’s debate. I think America witnessed Hillary having a mini seizure. Hillary’s head bobbled a bit as she did what has been deemed as the “shoulder shimmy”. At the end of the bobble, and “shoulder shimmy” Hillary blows out as if to blow a sigh of relief. Upon looking at the tape anyone with an open mind will agree. Not to mention that as much as I dislike Hillary Clinton, I give her credit for taking a debate a little more seriously than she did last night. The laughter and the smiling were an insult to Americans. The state of the nation is no laughing matter. However, doing a little dance move is even a bit low for the likes of Hillary. My take, Hillary did not mean to be “cute” with her little “shoulder shimmy”. I do believe the nation may quite possibly have witnessed Hillary having a mini seizure. America has seen it before. Hillary in a blue suit jerks her head violently in front of reporters and others. She passed it off then as laughing hysterically. It was a nice try, but America failed to buy her having a riot of a time. Hillary has gotten quite good at hiding her possible seizures with giddiness and ridiculous behavior. Last night was not a time for silliness, it was a time for seriousness. The Hillary “shoulder shimmy” was pure “silliness”. Then again if it were indeed a seizure, it was pure seriousness. 
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Nancy Blumenfeld

I am 4th generation Angelino. The Greenberg side of my family founded first retail department, harris & frank) chain in California in 1800s. The Raphael side are listed as a founding family of Los Angeles.they too were here in the 1800s .the industrial building that they built still stands on n.spring street.the current owner a ucla film professor is doing a documentary on the jewish (Raphael) families (that settled north of the la train station. Some of Raphael past homes are listed as historical sites.

We can’t let a woman who worships Saul Alinsky and will bring our
Country down with more of Obama and her vision of socialism.
Even worse is the spy, Huma, who is Hillary’s senior aide.
Huma’s family are muslim brotherhood a terrorist group.

To The Bush Family; Are All Drug Dealers Voting For Hillary? -Sean Bianca GOPGIRLBLOG

 george-bush-sr                                                      g-w-bush
      They say birds of a feather flock together. Once, there was a time when I would disagree with that statement, like when I repeatedly wondered just how former President H.W. Bush could be so chummy with former President Bill Clinton. Just how could a seemingly virtuous, conservative, like H.W. Bush, possibly be anything more than an acquaintance with the amoral, liberal, Bill Clinton? How? How too could G.W.  Bush be so close with Bill Clinton that he would repeatedly consult with former President Clinton during his own presidency? How could the Clintons and Bushs be anything more than a business relationship? How could the families be anything more than cordial? Weren’t the two families on opposite sides of the fence? How could those who seemed so conservative even be in the same room with a liberal?  It just didn’t make sense. It didn’t make sense, until it did, and now it’s making a whole lot of sense.

Fast cars, fancy houses, drug dealing, and wheeling and dealing. It was sunny Miami and life was good. It was the year 2000 and G. W. Bush was following in his father’s footsteps and running for president. G.W. was the Republican hopeful that was to place the republicans back in the White House. Simultaneously, the other Bush son, Jeb, was the Governor of Florida. The Bushs were like the Kennedys, a political dynasty. A political dynasty indeed, but what millions of Americans did not know was that the Bushs were much more than a political dynasty. The Bushs according to many, were shall we say for lack of better wording, “Kingpins”. “Drug Kingpins”. Money laundering, drugs, and dead bodies were the said components of the Bush family. What seemed much like the acclaimed TV series, “Miami Vice”, was the true life story the Bushs.

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My name is Sean Bianca and I am one of the millions of “deplorables” that supports the Republican Presidential Nominee, Donald J. Trump. I am also a Republican. I suppose you could say I’ve been a republican since birth. Coming from a family of conservatives, I followed suit. I also had a strong affinity for elephants and debonair men sporting a suit and tie. When former President Richard Nixon resigned from office, I was devastated. I was about seven years old at the time and I felt inclined to write a letter to the president expressing my condolences. While most seven year olds were playing with dolls, I was talking politics. As a young woman, I got politically active as a volunteer for G.W. Bush and Jeb Bush. Later on, I campaigned for John McCain and Mitt Romney. While campaigning for each candidate, I did what I did for my love of my country. I believed in each and every man I supported. I believed in them and respected them. Today I regret every hour I spent on most of those men. Never have I been so disappointed in men I once respected and looked up to, as I do at present. The men I once had faith in to lead my country, I now find vile, disgusting, and anti-patriotic.

    With the exception of Senator John McCain as he has vowed to support Donald J. Trump, I despise every establishment Republican male and female not supporting Donald Trump, whom I once supported and whom I once respected. I especially despise former Presidents George W. Bush, and H.W. Bush, former Governor Mitt Romney, and former Governor Jeb Bush. I despise these men as it is clear that these men do not love their country. You can not tell me you love this country and not vote for the man that clearly loves his country and will do his best for his country. Whether the Republicans like it or not, Donald Trump won the nomination fair and square. He had the most votes in the history of the Republican party, 13.4 million to be exact. It is high time each and every Republican in the party step up to the plate and support the Republican Presidential Nominee, Donald J. Trump!

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