Toni Holt Kramer

Janni Manzella

I was born and attended public school in Chicago. My Dad joined the Navy, so I was a Navy Brat throughout High School. I have worked for the State of Arizona and the USDA prior to semi-retirement. For generations my maternal family (Mulcahy) has a strong political background in Chicago, Aldermanic and State Assemblyman. Unfortunately they were Democrats, things were different back then. I became a Republican before Monica Lewinsky spoke of her infamous blue dress and before she became a human humidor.

As a Trumpette I want to bring Patriotic songs back to our school system. Students are no longer learning our battle hymns and all our beautiful Patriotic songs. We must stop our Country’s amazing history from fading away.

Stephanie Nielson

I was a Talent Buyer for over 40 years of Headline Entertainment for Casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. In Las Vegas I contracted entertainment for Major Riddle Enterprises, which was the Silverbird, Silver City, Silver Nugget and Holiday International Casinos. In Atlantic City, I was Vice President of Entertainment for Trump Taj Mahal Casino, and also booked entertainment for Donald Trump at Mar-A-Lago . I brought Celine Dion to Mar-A-Lago, in addition to other Headline talent, over a 10 year period.

My interest in becoming a Trumpette is to work with other dedicated Trump supporters to keep our magnificent President in the White House for 4 more years.

Patricia Cantor

Old fashionista(Bazaar, Bonwit Teller, Lacoste etc), impassioned gardener, adventurous cook, lover of life, world traveler, explorer of life’s boundless beauty, passionate reader, collector of people & beautiful objects. Life long Conservative.

Educate the politically ignorant

Laura Starr

Commercial Civil Litigation Business/Employment attorney residing in Lake Worth Beach, Florida with my husband/law partner David Brodie and our two Bernese Mountain Dogs. We are both life long republicans and Trump supporters. We attend as many Trump events as possible, Trumpettes, Lincoln Day, Lobster Day, Rallies and Fund Raisers.

Keep winning with Donald Trump. America First, Protect our borders, stop illegal immigration, stop entitlements, bring manufacturing back to the USA, level the trade deficit, support our police and military, appoint as many conservative judges as possible, drain the swamp.

Anne Farish Hall

I was born in West Palm Beach, graduated from the University of Florida, then spent most of my adult years in Atlanta, Chicago, and Dallas, working for Eastern, and American Airlines. I moved back to Jupiter in 2013. I am a staunch conservative, having started at an early age campaigning for Barry Goldwater. I attend the monthly meetings of Club 45 at the PB Kennel Club, and have attended the first two Trumpette galas.

I would like to become involved with the Trumpettes, and do whatever I can to help re-elect our great President. I really appreciate the founding members, and all the hard work you have put into this organization. Thank you.

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