Toni Holt Kramer

Dawn Mathews

I’m a Interior Designer with a great love of out National and our President. I believe in our President and I’m proud to be an American. I support our Great President and what he’s doing to make this Nation great again!

Bonnie Ryan

Lived southern California for nearly 60 years. Middle income professional. Register Republican, conservative values. Big government doesn’t support autonomy, independence and responsibility of self.

Dolores Domme

I am an 82 year old woman. That was a born in Chicago Il. I was a raised as a democrat and continued to be one until Obama ran for president. I think Donald Trump is the best thing that happened to the U.S. in my life time.

Janis Bartlett

New York born. Leaving California for my next chapter in Idaho. 42 years as an HR Executive. To continue to work in a volunteer capacity; continue to give back. I was watching a Spectrum news segment in LA and surprised they highlighted you and your mission. The news and slant here is anything to minimize, marginalize and ignore our great President Trump

Lee Lewis (Trumpster)

Manufacturer of Metal Castings. Our Family business made it thru the Carter Administration (22% inflation), but we didn’t make it through the Obama Administration. I didn’t ask the Obama Administration for the “GM” bailout, but my guess is that wasn’t for conservatives anyway.

Enjoy Family, Sailing, Sailboat racing, and Racquetball.

Continue to due Mitzvah’s for all. To continue to support my wife and family. To continue to spend time with friends that want to spend time with me.

Gina Bernstein

I grew up in northern CA. Now live in southern CA. Always have been conservative.
Married with two teenage boys.

“Always Conservative” “Never Socialist” Trump 2020.

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