Toni Holt Kramer

Janet Levy (Founder)

Janet LevyJanet Levy is a public health advocate and philanthropist in Palm Beach.

Prior to an injury in 2002, she had a successful contract interior design business and sold commercial and industrial real estate. Since 2005, Janet has founded several support groups for young stroke victims, has created information sharing stroke networks and has succeeded in lobbying for several health care laws in the Connecticut legislature.

Janet is very involved with current health care issues, especially in relation to neurology. She is a big supporter of the University of Miami, Department of Neurology, the American Heart/Stroke Association, as well as many local charities which deal with education, health and homelessness.

Gennifer Flowers

GenniferFlowersGennifer Flowers is an actor, singer, best selling book author, emcee and media host and guest. She’s also known as the most famous Mistress in the World having had a 12 year affair with President Bill Clinton that came to the attention of the American public in 1992.

She’s also a popular radio talk show favorite having done most all of the major radio shows both talk and entertainment.

“The Blonde Bomb from the Big Easy” was a title given her when she lived in the New Orleans French Quarter and performed in her successful night club for over five years.

She currently lives and performs in Branson, Missouri as well as venues all over the US and Europe.

I support Donald Trump for many reasons. As many in this country, I am so very tired of the Republican establishment that gets nothing done and obviously, could care less about the wants and needs of the country as evidenced recently by the absurd opinion voiced by Mitt Romney.

I believe that Donald is very sincere in wanting to make America great again and it is going to take an independent professional like him to do exactly that…make America great again!!!

I like his stance on many of the issues and I believe he is strong enough to get things done!

We’ve got nothing to loose…..more years of the Democrats or as I call them “givemecrats” and we are done in this country!

Go Trump!!……….




Toni Holt Kramer, a woman of major versatility, has had a life as multi-faceted as one can dream. From her childhood days as a cover girl model with the Huntington Hartford Agency to her illustrious career as a renowned Hollywood reporter and on to her present foray into the world as author and Founder of The Trumpettes to support Donald Trump to become President, her diversity and perseverance know no bounds. Actually, it’s not far-fetched to say that Toni Holt Kramer could be three different people…leading three very different lives!

One of those lives centers around Toni’s fantastically successful Hollywood career hosting and co-hosting everything from “Good Morning L.A.” and “Mid-Morning L.A.” to being a live, on-air columnist for the afternoon and evening news. Toni also had her own syndicated show, “Toni Holt in Hollywood”, as well as a TV feature called “Toni’s Tips”, shown exclusively in Latin America. In later years, she co-hosted the “Talk of the Town” series, which was filmed on location at events and parties all across Hollywood, New York, and Europe. When she wasn’t in front of the camera, Toni spent her time writing numerous columns for some of the top magazines and newspapers. Early in her career the success of her column “Toni Holt’s Happenings” in Photoplay magazine led to Ideal Publications giving her, her own magazine all together, called “Toni Holt’s Movie Life.”

In the courTHK & Trump with silver fox stollse of her television career, Toni has interviewed upwards of three thousand major celebrities, including movie and television stars, famed athletes, political VIP’s, and even the Former First Lady, Nancy Regan. Arnold Schwarzenegger, George Clooney, Bob Hope, Tom Cruise, Clint Eastwood, John Travolta, Glenn Ford, Frank Sinatra, Merv Griffin and Johnny Carson …these are just but a very few of the tremendous stars that Toni has met and worked with during her time on the Hollywood scene. For a more visual snapshot of Toni’s reporting talent, visit her website at!

Toni’s second life took her across the nation to Washington, D.C. During her first weekend in Washington, she not only attended the Bush inauguration party, but the night before she and her husband were privileged to attend the last party given at The White House by President Bill and Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. It was a pivotal moment for Toni, and her relationship with Hillary flourished over the years.

Toni’s  affinity for political pursuits might be traced back to her Great Grandfather, who was the financial advisor and best friend of Tzar Alexander III of Russia. And that brings us neatly to the heart of Toni’s third life: her business acumen.

Acting as the prime decision maker in matters of the stock market, Toni works alongside her husband to oversee all the financial and real estate investments for her family and their charitable trusts. There is hardly a stock on the New York Stock Exchange that Toni can’t give you the symbol for, and on some days, a closing price. She adores the financial world and spends endless hours a week reading and tracking the market around the world. At the core of her business beliefs is the conviction that to be an investor, one must be informed on politics around the world…and that she certainly is!

homeToni, along with the love of her life, husband Robert Kramer, currently resides in Palm Beach, Florida, Palm Springs, California and Bel Air, California. She sits on the Women’s Leadership Board at Harvard University, is an active philanthropist. The Kramer’s love to travel and have friends all over the world, and, when they have a moment to themselves, they prefer to spend it playing golf, walking and entertaining friends.

Charismatic, stylish, and undeniably glamorous, this local girl from Brooklyn has made it big through her own unerring dedication to her dreams. Toni’s full story is featured in her recently completed memoir, My Men, My Mother and Me!, which will soon be released. With a life as rich in experiences as hers, all that’s left to question is “What will she accomplish next?” Hopefully, with the help and support of all her “Trumpettes”it will be reaching their goal of getting Donald J, Trump elected President and putting him in The White House to make America great again!.

Karen Hardin

karenHardinI am proud to be a third generation Californian. My family and I have observed the growth of Orange County, both economically and culturally.

As a teenager, I was steeped in the arts and took pleasure in creating architectural renderings. After college, I worked for General William Lyon as a market research analyst. I soon became aware that the diversity in the arts – opera, Broadway, dance and symphony – appealed to all tastes and offered educational opportunities as well.

As one of the original members of the Center Stars, I continue to work behind the scenes to help insure that the performing and other cultural arts are nourished and will, thus, flourish.

Lorrie Winnerman

lorrieWinnermanOwner of Lorrie B. Aspen Real Estate, Aspen, Colo. Parents brought me to Aspen as winter home in 1955. Moved to Aspen full time from Minnesota -1979 to raise two sons. Started my real estate practice then and opened my own company in 1994. Consistently sell $50,000,000-$75,000,000 Aspen Real Estate per year. Very active outdoor life style including skiing, hiking, biking in the mountains. Warm weather home in beautiful Palm Beach.

My mission statement: I want to make America great again for my children And grand children. The current president is ruining the America that gave Me and my husband our opportunity. We need to bring that back.

Terry Ebert Mendozza (Founder)

terryEbert2My name is Terry Ebert-Mendozza. I lived in Manalapan, Florida for 30 years, commuting weekly to Chicago, as CEO of Ebert & Associates, a mega real estate firm with high-rise properties in downtown Chicago. I was the youngest realtor in the State of Illinois, and successfully ran the firm until my retirement in 2012. I was named the 2009-2010 Cambridge Who’s Who Professional of the Year Representing Real Estate. I am still a real estate investor, now in Florida, having relocated to Delray Beach.

Having owned and operated a business for 45 years, Donald Trump is my choice for President, because I believe he will make the right choices to reduce our deficit and stimulate jobs. Without a strong economy, we have no future. Mr. Trump’s no-nonsense approach to business is what our country needs, for what are we, but a large business which has been terribly mishandled in the past. I believe Mr. Trump will balance the budget, create jobs, bring back businesses which have left for foreign countries, and bring back the values which we, as Americans, long for: God, family, and pride in our Country.

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