Toni Holt Kramer

Kelly Dorman

I am a 21 year resident of Northeast Texas.
I am originally from New Jersey. I am a mother of 5 boys. I am a stay at home mom and love it! I am married to a wonderful man of 22 years. I love giving back to my community and helping those in need any way I can! I do alot with my family to help the homeless here in Fort Worth Texas. We bring meals- blankets-coats to help them get through the cold nights. Also St. Jides is one of our big charities we support. Last Christmas we hand delivered 100 toys to St Judes hospital as a family. It is important for us to do things like this with our children.

I have been a Democrat all my life. I am now a walkaway! I love and support our president. I am a good person with a very caring heart and could no longer associate myself with Democrats behavior and what theyve become. I’ve never paid more attention to politics than I do today! I rally and support Trump 100%. He loves America and gets the job done! Hes a do-er not a talker! Hes got my vote and endless support!

Caring for the American people is my passion!

GO TRUMP 2020!

Mia Casas-Dean

German-born but American at heart, I arrived figuratively waving the American flag as a child in 1977. I grew up in Miami, became an American citizen in 1997, and have been active in politics ever since. I studied and gained a degree in Art History from New York University, moved to Europe in 2005 to work in art institutions in Germany and London, and recently came back to my native Florida (Boca Raton) wanting to make a difference politically. A former Democrat, I ‘walked away’ during the last years of the Obama presidency having grown more and more disappointed, misled, and lied to. President Trump changed all that and I supported him from the moment I watched him descend on the escalator at Trump Tower with the beautiful Melania by his side. I am 52 years young, I love the United States of America, I love our great President and will defend him to the bitter end! Now home in Boca Raton since August, I am ready to do what I can to support his 2020 campaign and ensure we get another 4 years of greatness in the White House.

A passionate supporter of our great President, I recently moved back to Florida after living in Europe for almost 15 years. After witnessing first hand what the disastrous globalist agenda had done to my ancestral Germany and my then home in the United Kingdom, I felt it was time to come back to my country to help in whichever way I could to re-elect President Trump. Having felt isolated and marginalized in Britain, I am searching for a family of likeminded Conservatives and Trump supporters. My mission is to join forces with the Trumpettes and help to influence others on the urgency of supporting the Make America Great Again agenda. Never before has our great country hung in the balance like today. We must fight passionately to reinstate our nation’s greatness, under President Trump.

Jody Taylorsmith

I am happily married to my best friend and currently live in Delray Beach, FL. My husband came into the USA LEGALLY from South Africa in the late 1970s. I have one daughter in heaven and one amazing step-daughter who is a veterinarian in Minnesota. As a retired event-planner, Politics has become a passion of mine, and I absolutely love President Trump and his family. I am a member of Bethesda by the Sea church in Palm Beach, and love seeing the President and Melania in attendance.

Proudly support and encourage others to learn the incredible achievements of President Trump. Play a role in ensuring the re-election of President Trump in 2020.

Janette Reynolds

Founder/CEO Icon Media Communications (Since 1994). Author of “Where Were You On 9/11?” with Foreword by Donald J. Trump

Author, Founder, Trail-Blazer. A conservative Christ follower with a passion for content and brand strategy.

Kelly Grier

SVP of Operations for a healthcare company. Mother to a daughter in Medical school. Husband is retired. Love animals, travel and President Trump!

Living my truth both personally and professionally; personally by being a staunch Trump supporter through social media as well as in personal donations and professionally by helping to guide, promote and empower women in my field. I would love to start up a Louisiana Trumpettes Chapter if one does not already exist.

Eva Wiley

Hi Trumpettes!
My name is Eva Garcia Wiley, I’m a proud Latin American woman whom stands by our president! I was inspired to create a special custom logo for women hats. For each hat sold I will be donating $1 towards the Trump Campaign. I would really like to join in to be part of a great organization of women whom strongly supports our President! I did mail Trump a couple of hats to the White House and in hopes they do get to him. My website is I would also love to mail a few hats to you at no charge being that you know the purpose of why I am doing this!

I did this because like a lot of us minorities that the left and media categorizes us in and feels they speak for ALL of us bothered me. I want to show them and express that they are not going to make us feel that we need the government’s hand outs and take away from those whom enrich our country. Those whom enrich, in effect enriches us too. We live in a country that allows us to Capitalize and provide for others which, allows others to provide for their families.
How dare they call our president races and anyone whom supports him races! My parents live in Mexico and we know the importance of the wall, it is there to protect us. My mom was a victim of our own people in Mexico of kidnapping and my father had to take $15,000 of his hard earned money from his retirement to pay them off. If our country was not such a great country why is it that everyone is trying to climb the walls to come in and not get out!

Medora Reading

Politically involved since probably age of 15, always a Republican although I’m angry at all parties right now-My father was a traveling supreme court judge in New York state, my brother one of the FBI agents of the year 2001, on board with Lieutenant Colonel Allen West since 2010, as well as very involved with Brigitte Gabriel act for America

My father was a traveling supreme court judge in New York state, my brother one of the FBI agents of the year 2001, on board with Lieutenant Colonel Allen West since 2010, as well as very involved with Brigitte Gabriel act for America

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