Donald J. Trump’s speech was the most extraordinary moment in recent history. Our next President nailed it at the Republican National Convention. It was a thrill to be right there and hear thousands of supporters who filled the arena cheering and singing with so much enthusiasm. There was the most joyous feeling in the air as we all felt that Donald Trump will save our country and our future. The day was a busy one that started with a luncheon for major supporters and political stars, including Texas Governor Rick Perry, a true gentleman, and Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin, who is quite a stunning woman. She also addressed the arena on stage the last night.

Jane and Abbey Jones with Toni Holt Kramert at the luncheon
Jane and Abbey Jones with Toni Holt Kramer at the luncheon

At the luncheon I ran into my friends and neighbor Allen and Jenny Jones and their daughter Abbey who is a Director of Government Affairs in KY and DC. The Jones’ also have a home in Cleveland, Tennessee and Allen was telling me that the town has about 40,000 plus people and when there is an election they will usually get a turnout of about 11,000 people. At the recent Primary it was nearly double that amount.

It is obvious that many Americans are fed up with the system and don’t want this path that we have been following for the past eight years to continue. It felt to me that people are looking to Mr. Trump as the hero for America, a kind of super man who will make it all right and great again.

What a complimentary team Trump and Pence make! Everyone I spoke to is excited about Mr. Trump’s choice. What was so wonderful about the last night was his incredible daughter Ivanka Trump who made it very clear in her speech that in the past she was not a Republican or Democrat, but always voted for the right person. As a wife and mother of three children and a successful entrepreneur herself, her dedication, like her father’s, to women and motherhood is most important.

Also what a very warm and honest speech from PayPal founder Peter Thiel, who openly said he is gay and for Trump. Another outstanding speech was given by Laura Ingraham, the famous TV and radio political commentator, as she told the story of her background and how poor her family was when she was young. Her mother wore the same winter coat for 42 years because all the extra money was put away for educating their three children, and wow, is Laura not an example of the American dream?

Bravo to all the Trump siblings. They all did an outstanding job. It wouldn’t surprise me if we see the Trump family occupy The White House for many years to come as they all have such an exceptional gift in communicating.

Thank you to the BBC for doing a lovely interview with me at the Convention, and to Fox newscaster Lou Dobbs for taking a lovely photo and having a brief chat.

Toni Holt Kramer and Lou Dobbs
Toni Holt Kramer and Lou Dobbs

We now not only have Trumpettes, but also Trumpsters joining our family. The best thing YOU CAN DO IS SPREAD THE WORD!

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Photos From the Convention

Trumpette Robin Bernstein and THK
Trumpette Robin Bernstein and THK
Trump family on stage
Trump family on stage
Security at it's best, Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell who the film Lone Survivor was based on providing security for Gov Rick Scott and Scott Torrie, my security guard.
Security at it’s best, Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell who the film Lone Survivor was based on providing security for Gov Rick Scott and Scott Torrie, my security guard.
Texas Governor Rick Perry and THK
Texas Governor Rick Perry and THK
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