Is It Too Late To Save America? Sean Bianca

“And through all his loose talk, there’s one constant theme: demonizing Muslims and playing right into the hands of ISIS’. His proposal to ban 1.5 billion Muslims from even coming to our country doesn’t just violate the religious freedom our country was founded on. It’s also a huge propaganda victory for ISIS. And it alienates

Pat Riley

As a Scientist, I am dedicated to finding ways to promote public health and slow the aging process. From research to formulations, my goal is to bring men and women the latest scientific advances for healthy longevity so you look young, feel young and stay young as long as possible! I am proud to be

Foreign Policy From Hell From Hillary!-Sean Bianca

“He is not just unprepared – he is temperamentally unfit to hold an office that requires knowledge, stability, and immense responsibility.”… Hillary Clinton on the presumptive presidential nominee, Donald Trump. A scathing political campaign speech was delivered recently by the former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. What was supposed to be that of a foreign policy speech

The Media’s Trump Sideshow – Sean Bianca

It was only two days ago that Americans were celebrating Memorial Day, a day in which we remember those soldiers that perished fighting for the freedoms of the  America we so enjoy, or do we?  With a liberal based media, America has become very much like that of a communist country. Americans no longer hear