Turning Point USA

Dear Trumpettes and Trumpsters After a fabulously successful 2nd Annual Turning Point USA Winter Gala at Mar a Lago featuring Jerry Falwell Jr, Senator Rand Paul, Mark Levin, Donald Trump Jr and Kimberly Guilfoyle, a packed weekend of notable Republicans descended on The Convention Center in West Palm Beach for a four day convention. It

Jason Roberge

Jason Roberge is a Congressional candidate for Virginias 7th District. He is a former U.S. Coast Guard vet., small business owner and law school graduate. His honorable service in the military was marked by awards and letters of recognition. The State Supreme Court has recognized Jason for his pro bono legal work. Jason has worked

Stephanie Bowlick

I moved to PBG a year ago. I absolutely love this area! I am newly divorced and 54 years old. I was once a middle school teacher, but now I work with dogs everyday! I have been a fan of TRUMP since the 90’s. I have always followed his life and could not believe it

Mary Duffy

Owned 1st Model.Agency for Plus and Petite Models; Mt. Holyoke Grad; Professional Public Speaker; Appeared on more than 800 TV shows; Published 5 books- fashion and short stories; Had Adorable Deplorables on FB in 2016.Today, run political Pro-Trump Mouth on FB Page Mary P. Duffy. Live in NYC- married to Liberal don’t ask- with ShihTzu.