Nicole Winter

As a Swedish native living in Beverly Hills, actress Nicole Winter is well known for her work in film and television, including the #1 Award winning TV show “Swedish Hollywood Wives”. While fighting the “age battle” in Hollywood, Nicole, a former med-school student, decided to take matters into her own hands to find an alternative

Carolyn Lygo

Carolyn Ryznar-Lygo, a River Hills Resident for over 15 years, is an award-winning artist, whose cherished paintings are featured internationally in homes, corporations and private collections. Ms Lygo offers a creative collaboration with you in order to capture your special pet relationship and can present you additionally with a beautifully framed piece of finished art

Alexandria (Patricia) Barnett

Originally from Manhattan and Weston Massachusetts with primary residency now in Palm Beach county. Educated in econometrics with a career primarily in management consulting and Wall Street. Currently revitalizing my website PB in 2021. Am published photojournalist. Apply some of my skill base to the local and national Trumpette organization to assure the success of Republican

Dawn Iseson

Hello Trumpettes, I am new to the Florida, Palm Beach area. I have always been a registered Republican since age 18 yrs old. I support President Trump and voted for him in both elections I have been a member of the Women’s Republican Club of NYC. I support Trump’s policies about Making America Great Again.

Carol Meadows

I live in Fort Wayne, Indiana 8 months of the year and in West Palm Beach 4 months of the year. I believe Donald Trump was the best president The United States ever had and I believe he won the election in 2020 and it was stolen from him by fraud. reclaim our God-given freedoms