Vicki Blythin

Long time Trump supporter originally from Ohio where I worked on many political issues and candidates. I later lived in Arlington,VA and worked for a grass roots organization and met many political figures socially so have an understanding of how DC works. Recently I lived in Palm Springs, CA and worked for the election of

Minh Do

First Generation Vietnamese American . Our family have always been registered Republicans but never have we felt so much appreciation and regards to any former President than we have for President Trump ever since the 2016 elections, and our gratitude and love for him have grown tremendously since. Living in Southern California, we have had a couple

Phyllis Dallinga

Hi! I grew up Montclair grandparents lived in NYC. My grandfather, Harry Pfaltz, was a perfumer & invented the scent Jean Nate. Live in Mt Dora, FL. With husband, Tom, & 2 daughters. Retired Real Estate Broker. I am committed to God & country. Being a very strong Christian. We are trusting the Lord

Diane Evans

I’m a 30+ year resident of Delray Beach. Born & raised in Middletown NJ. I own a property management company and specialize in seasonal rentals. I never had any desire to get into politics until President Trump got elected! Even my husband who thinks he’s so smart said it was impossible for him to win,