What Difference Does It Make?

Sean Bianca "GOPGIRL"
Sean Bianca “GOPGIRL”

Shock, horror, hatred, detestation, and sorrow. Those were the emotions I felt as I sat motionless for two hours in a movie theater watching the movie “13 Hours” . The film is the controversial true story of the events that took place in Benghazi, Libya on September 11th 2012. The film is two hours long, a mere fraction of the thirteen hours that the Americans were under attack. Thirteen hours of gunfire, and short range missiles at both the U.S. Consulate, and U.S. CIA Annex, and no help was given from our country. Calls were made throughout the night begging for help from both the Consulate, and the Annex, and Hillary, Obama, and his administration watched. They watched in real time and gave no help. Not one F-16, not one Black Hawk, nothing. The men involved were far safer in the war on Iraq than in Benghazi. No help at all was given, and I for one am ashamed to be an American.

I am ashamed as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and President Barrack Obama watched our men fight and die from an unmanned drone in real time. How? How is it possible that both Obama and Hillary could sit and watch Americans under attack for 13 hours and do nothing? Not only did the President and Secretary of State do nothing, but they gave orders not once, not twice, but three times to “stand down”, and not fight. Had the men that both died and survived not disobeyed orders to “stand down”, not one American, stationed in Benghazi would have survived.
As I sat and watched the gut wrenching film I felt sheer hatred and shame. I felt hatred for both the President and the former Secretary of State. I felt shame as my country failed the men who endured the horrific attack. My country failed these men, as these men never should have been stationed in Benghazi, Libya in the first place. While every other country had left Libya due to the country being “unstable”, and “unsafe”, America stayed. America stayed and went so far as to send Ambassador, Christopher Stephens to Benghazi. America stayed as Obama, Hillary and this administration wanted to show Americans and the world that terrorism no longer existed.

It was 2012 and President Obama was up for re-election. Nothing was going to stand in the way of Obama being elected to a second term. Osama Bin Ladin had been killed, and Obama and Hillary wanted Americans to believe the world was again safe. Ambassador Stephens was sent to Libya as to put on a facade of Libya being a safe place. It was a facade, and it was one that both Obama and Hillary weren’t about to compromise, even if it meant the loss of American lives. The facade cost four Americans their lives. The fact is had both Obama and Hillary not been so intent on fooling the American public prior to the 2012 Presidential election, those four Americans might well be alive today. Instead our President, Hillary Clinton and this administration did nothing. Hundreds of emails were sent from Ambassador Christopher Stevens, and the Annex of possible unrest in the region in the days prior to the attack, and they were ignored. They were ignored as Obama and Hillary could not have attention drawn towards Benghazi. Had military support been sent prior to the attack, Americans and the world would know the truth. The truth that Benghazi, Libya was not a success,and was not safe, in fact it was one of the most dangerous places on earth. It was yet another nation fallen to terrorists and rebels.

“Thirteen Hours”, was literally thirteen hours, of bloodshed and horror.” Thirteen hours”. is a mere two hours for the viewer. For two hours one sits in disbelief that two of the people responsible for the tragedy remain unscathed. President Obama, and Hillary both lied to the families of those who perished. They lied to the American people as well. We the American people were told the attack was due to an anti-Islamic video. The families of those who perished were told by Hillary Clinton herself that the attack was due to an anti-Islamic video. Ms. Secretary Clinton told one family that they would find the person responsible for the video. Clinton lied. As discovered in Ms. Clinton’s emails, Ms. Clinton had told her daughter and others that the attack was indeed an Al-Qaeda like group terrorist attack. Hillary Clinton lied. Ms. Clinton looked into the faces of the families of four men that could have been saved. and lied. She told them the attack was due to an anti-Islamic video knowing all the while that the attack was a terrorist attack. Not only did Hillary lie to the families of those who died in Benghazi, but she also failed to mention that she, Obama, and the State Department, watched their loved ones die. They stood and watched, and did nothing. They did nothing as that would have interfered in the facade of a peaceful Benghazi. Hillary Clinton lied, Obama lied,and neither of them has been made to pay the price.

Imagine having lost a son, husband, father, or friend in a country having no meaning to those who died. Imagine then having the knowledge that your loved ones died due to a President, and Secretary of State having an agenda. That agenda was to be re-elected, and nothing was to get in the way. Sending military air-support would have interfered with the Obama administration’s facade of terrorism being wiped out. Thirteen hours of fighting off terrorists, thirteen hours of calls for help, and no help was given. For thirteen hours Obama and Hillary both watched and did nothing. Nothing, and so I am ashamed to be an American. I am ashamed as all those in the military have a saying that, “they shall leave no man behind”, and our President and Hillary both left all of our Americans behind.

While I sat and watched the film “Thirteen Hours” I had one emotion that took over all other emotions I may have had. I felt hatred. I felt hatred as I couldn’t help but think that America has been infiltrated. We have been infiltrated by both a man and woman that have no conscience. Not only do this man and woman have no conscience but they have no concept of right from wrong. The man and woman of whom I am speaking are President Obama, and Democrat Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton. How else can one explain Obama and Hillary both lying to the families of those who perished in Benghazi? Obama and Hillary not only lied to the families of those men, but stood alongside those families as the caskets of their loved ones arrived back here in the U.S.. Obama spoke of those who died with empathy and compassion while  knowing that he and his agenda were the cause of deaths of those Americans. It is disgusting, It is disgusting that Obama today remains the President of the United States. What’s even more disgusting is the fact that Hillary Clinton is running for President herself. In my opinion both the President and Hillary should be tried for their crimes.For thirteen hours our Americans were left to fend for themselves while our President, and Secretary of State did nothing, they watched, and they should be prosecuted. Obama and Hillary might as well have stood alongside the terrorists with guns themselves, as they just stood and watched.

They watched, four Americans died, and somehow both Hillary and Obama are both untouched. America and Washington have failed to do right by the families of the men who died in Benghazi. America has failed in prosecuting both Obama and Hillary for the deaths of ambassador Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty. America has failed these men, in that America should have not left these men behind in not lending support .America has also failed in that the team investigating Hillary Clinton failed to prosecute Hillary Clinton. Former President Bill Clinton recently came out in defense of his wife, and commented on the eleven hour hearing that  poor Hillary was made to endure by the Benghazi investigation team. Excuse me? Perhaps the Former President, and Hillary should be sent to Benghazi, Libya and be forced to endure 13 hours of attacks themselves. I am sickened at the fact that President Obama, and Hillary are allowed to be free. I fear America has been infiltrated by a government of corruption like this country has never seen. While Obama and Hillary stood and watched the men in Benghazi fight ,and die from an unmanned drone up above, we the people were lied to and are again being told more lies. While Hillary Clinton has stated “13 Hours” is untrue, the men who lived it beg to differ. Hillary is lying to Americans, and it is every American’s duty to watch this film and learn the truth. Americans need to learn the truths of the 13 hours our Americans were made to endure at the hands of both President Obama and Hillary Clinton. Those hands are bloodied as they just stood and watched.And let none of us forget Hillary Clinton’s famous words, “what difference does it make?”
(C)Sean Bianca 2016