I born in Argentina where I worked as a model in television and photos. Then, I studied Interior Design. In the 90’s I got married and with my husband Alejandro we had 2 children, Melisa, 28 and Brian, 24. Now, Im 57 years old. In 2002. We were developers, we had a roof tile factory, and other bussiness. Although we were very successful and we lived very well, in 2002 we decided to emigrate to Weston, Fl due to the insecurity that we suffered in our country, since we both had been robbed several times even once I was with 5 years old Brian. We worked very hard, and we got the residence and then the citizenship for us. We were also very blessed in our work. Now, we have a company that import and distribute flooring, I also worked remodeling homes and doing interior designer during years, but since 2015 I focused in real estate. My husband Alejandro is working in several development projects again. Two weeks ago we went to the White House invited to a briefing with a small group of Christian Hispanic businessmen and women. But, my dream is to meet my president Donald Trump. I also was reading about Ivanka and WGDP and I would like it to get involved. Waiting to be accepted! Thanks!

Dream big without limits, love and work with passion, strive for my ideals continually seeking my emotional and spiritual growth so that my journey through life is focused on inspiring and empowering other women.

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