My name is Andy. My career of service started when I enlisted into the Army at 18. I have been blessed to serve in the National Guard, as an Officer on active duty with 1-9 CAV in Baghdad and continue to serve our community and country as a Civil Engineer for the US Army Corps of Engineers, Palm Beach Gardens office. I hope to soon be joined by my wife Ausra who is migrating to South Florida from Germany this summer and both of us have been and continue to be avid fans and supporters of our President.

My entire family and I were motivated to vote for such an amazing American and I am proud every day to come to my office and see his photo on our wall as Commander in Chief. It would truly be an honor and privilege to support the Trumpettes and find volunteer opportunities to participate in the goals of such an amazing organization. Thank you and God Bless!

Andy Dutil
US Army Corps of Engineers, Palm Beach Gardens
CPT, US Army (1-9 CAV), Retired.

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